1. E – Commerce Website PHP Tutorial – Setting Up the Pages, Layout, and Templates In this first video we will establish pages our system will need. We also create a modular design and page layout for easier site management. The E – Commerce Web Site we will be assembling is one in which all of the inventory is in a MySQL database and we offer a custom PHP cart for a unique shopping experience. It is a site that handles sales, customers, and inventory.
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  • advance php tutorials of this person:::

  • plz check: developphpcom by the same person.

  • Why use deprecated html?

  • That’s such an useful tutorial! For order forms with payment integration that you can embed on e-commerce websites check out our free solutions on 123ContactForm.

  • Are you talking about your properties pannel? go to Window, then Properties.

  • At 13:58 I came unstuck. Hitting return or enter after the ‘curly brace’ did not open a drop down list and anything I typed within the brackets came out pink – like the div ID. When I refreshed Dreamweaver underlined the text telling me: Error parsing styles Affects: Internet Explorer 6.0. This video, while very informative, is somewhat frustrating in that it seems to spend too much time in code view. Surely the point of a WYSIWYG program is to relax such a need. Thanks anyway dude.

  • Who uses tables for layout these days?! :(

  • @rizwanacrazy1
    Truth be told, you just need to learn some backend technology. Try PHP. It may take a couple of months and some practice to get a feel of it but I promise you, in the end it would be worth it. You can only do so much grabbing and pasting of other people’s code. At some point, you would need to write your own or at the very least, understand what you are grabbing and pasting to make custom edits, especially, if you are planning to build complex systems like an ecommerce site.

  • Adam, after watching (and learning from) several of your videos, I wanted to say Thank You! I think you are an amazing person to be so willing to share your knowledge and to take the time to so carefully help others lean to program. MANY MANY MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU!

  • your r done great job….god bless u

  • Finding your video, and by extension website, is the best thing to happen to me today. I have a previous degree in web design – that is now several years old – and PHP, SQL and all that fun stuff was only briefly mentioned in my education. Now I can catch up without going back to school! THANKS!

  • MYSQL….Ohhhh man, this is so fkin confusing. Installed it with variuos problems, something about firewall. THEN WHEN I tried to preview my website it needed me to download something else, then it said I needed to enter my FTTP whatever. Can’t be dealing with this. Shame because your tutorial looked really good and easy!

  • i’ve made my website layout in fireworks.. and moved it over into dreamweaver.. it is a html page.. can i still use this php coding?

  • i you said you were going to release the source codes. I was wondering where that is

  • Thank you this is awesome!!

  • hahaha, but you must learn a lot to get through this tutorials – dont lose hope:)

  • This was helpful, thanks

  • Ew.. Tables.

  • great info. i’ve been researching this area. learning little by little

  • Man you are so awesome!!! Great teacher.  Made my job so much easier.

  • Don’t use align=”center” because its deprecated. Use margin:0 auto; in your css file instead.

  • It’s is very useful!

  • Hi Adam,

    I assume you have clients that you do work for, I have a need of a website to be created and was wondering if that would be of interest to you? If so can you send me a email address I can respond to please.


  • hello i have installed Xampp and im using to create a e-commerce website php and mysql orientated can this coding for the website when it uses other languages such as css ? im editing the pages using notepad++
    please reply and give me sum advice thank you !