1 – Introduction to Expression Web 4 Tutorial

Welcome to Introduction to Microsoft Expression Web training tutorial. In this series you will learn to create a clean and professional website for a small business or organization or a site for a personal project. You can download the framework used to create this project, the completed project and images and see other video series about web design on my website. Go to www.timothytraining.net and select”The Timothy Framework” download from the link to the right side of the web site. You will also see a link to download the SEO Guide for Small Business

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  • Why would one want to use this over Dreamweaver?

  • Preference

  • Thanks a lot .

  • Does this programm support PHP?

  • yes it does

  • Maturnuwun Om utk posting tutoriale..
    Aku bisa melu sinau, hehehe…
    Lungguh ngapurancang..

  • The website looks cool

  • Cheaper and it does this job of creating some nice websites..

  • Okay I really need some help/motivation. I always wanted to make a wesbite and I got Dreamweaver CS5. After I bought a bunch of books on how to make a website in dreamweaver cs5, the sad part is I never really opened them and have 4-5 of them lying around. And I also want to do computer programming. I also bought a book on that. Now I am stuck on which one to do first. I really need some help, everytime I want to start programming or web designing I just get start to get bored.

  • It feels like im in class , staring at a book. And when I do start to learn, the books dont explain thoroughly enough where they got a certain file, or when to open or close a file. It confuses me alot. Then I just give up. And now I see this man teaches people how to really learn Dreamweaver CS5. But I dont know if I should give it a shot, I want to learn how to make forms, payment options, and a nice looking site. I dont want to just be given the files. I want to learn.

  • To just sum it up, I need motivation to get me started, because I REALLY want to make a website, that works. I want to learn how to do it something that will make it a breeze, nothing complicated something that will make me understand and actually learn. I also want to do programming. I just think that I wont have time to the other option.

  • Any help at all would be appreciated, a response from createthenet or anyone else. It would be very, very helpful. Thank you for taking the time for reading this.

  • hi thank you for these great tutorials i wanted to know is it allowed to download your tutorials for my personal use cuz i’m really learning from there every now and then and sometimes i don’t have the access to net to watch them online!!?

  • hey, how do i inset a .mp4 video to expression web 4 page? thanks a lot

  • hey, how do i inset a .mp4 video to expression web 4 page? thanks a lot

  • muy buen profesor , parece al tiempo cuando los profesores eran profesores.
    muchas gracias

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