3 Web Design Tips for 2012

www.mlwebco.com – 3 simple web design tips for 2012.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, 2nd Edition

This second edition of The Principles of Beautiful Web Design is the ideal book for people who can build websites, but are seeking the skills and knowledge to visually enhance their sites.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Understand the process of what makes “good design,” from discovery through to implementation
  • Use color effectively, develop color schemes, and create a palette
  • Create pleasing layouts using grids, the rule of thirds, and symmetry
  • Employ textures: lines, points, shapes, volumes, and depth
  • Apply typography to make ordinary designs look great
  • Choose, edit, and position effective imagery

And lots more…

This revised, easy-to-follow guide is illustrated with beautiful, full-color examples, and leads readers through the process of creating great designs from start to finish.

It also features:

  • Updated information about grid-based design
  • How to design for mobile resolutions
  • Information about the future of web fonts including @font-face
  • Common user-interface patterns and resources

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  • this was helpful, thanks, good to remember the 101 basics, dogs, kigs, attracive women, depending on your audience, I’m going to shy away from calling boys attractive on my sites, many times it’s the person listening who reads things into stuff, i’m still not using the word attractive. I like the dog reminder

  • uf dogs 

  • To answer your question, yes! The Kidsfirstokc website is made in wordpress.

  • Very good videos! Thank you.

  • Another great video Michael. Clean cut advice. No doubt i’ll taking these tips forward on the next company re-branding meeting. Thanks for making me look good 😀

  • Nice. Are you familiar with Steve Krug’s book Don’t Make Me Think?

  • You sir, are in my favorite section right now! As a newly started web developer “since 2 months back”, information like this is exactly what I need! Thank you!

  • @mlwebco Hi, I’m somewhat new to professional web designing, although I have designed my personal site off and on practicing/learning for a few years. I started out in actionscript but am learning to take WordPress templates and redesigning them. I have ideas for site layouts but finding how to rearrange them in wordpress takes time to figure out. Anyhow I was wondering if the kidsfirstokc site is backed by WordPress.

  • Mike… Man, you are a genious! Just ordered my Mac Pro from Apple to get started on this. Man, you are a HUGE inspiration. Great work.

  • Great video as always.

  • mike this is a great video blog. i like the straight to the point direction you take very informative.

  • Thank you so much buddy! You are Star! I have one more question, in the paragraph of any website, when we are making any mockup for client, should we use RUNNING TEXT (para) as NONE or Crispy? because I belive after the coding it will show like NONE (not crispy). What do you suggest? or is there any technology we can use running text as special font? HTML5? please help!

  • Try taking the photo yourself. You can also use stock photos and crop them similar to the kid in the picture. This causes the stock photo to look slightly different than how it might be used by other websites.

  • Regarding the image, though I have scene your video about hating istockphoto but what if I need a more horizontal photo and dont find any?

    Please advice!


  • Thanks, glad you enjoy my channel.

  • Thanks

  • Design is subjective. In my opinion, the colors are kid friendly. Its a website for parents who have kids, so the purple and green is perfect in my opinion for the subject. It’s bright, colorful and kid friendly. You have to design for the user, the target audience and for the current brand, not just the colors you would like.

  • You’re welcome, I’ll try to add those topics of elance.com to my list of topics.

  • You’re welcome.

  • Thank you, I’m sure you’ll benefit greatly from it.

  • I´m beggining in the website design, than you for your videos, i hope to take your training soon…

  • one of the best web design advice on the planet! thank you for the inspiration

  • Mike, thank you for doing this! Greetings from Europe.. I find you as my inspiration and motivation while I’m just starting out in web design.
    Can you make video about elance.com or guru.com , and to share some tips and personal review about it, if possible?

  • These are good tips but talking about the website you’ve shown us, the structure is ok, but the colors used in this design is awful and distracting

  • your awesome! really helpful channel for a web designer like me, thanks 🙂