5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)

Maile Ohye from Google covers the five most common errors she finds in SEO, and then concludes with six quick tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself – The Definitive Do It Yourself Guide to SEO

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• The most effective information on how to get started immediately.

• Access to an interactive FAQ on the web that allows you to ask questions and get answers directly from the author.

• Simple explanations of how the search engines *actually* work.

• Images, links, and screen shots to help you know exactly what to look for.

• Complete and thorough explanations of the Top Three SEO Concepts.

• Walks you through the most helpful optimizations for your website.

• Get the most from even the “least important” tactics of SEO.

• SEO Cheat Sheet for quick, simple references on how and what to optimize.

• Personal tips from the author throughout the entire guide.

• Plus lots more!

After reading this eBook, you’ll never again have to worry about SEO; what to know, how to do it, or what to do next.

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  • Matt explains things a lot better, her voice is annoying.

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  • Really? I thought it was pretty straight-forward.

  • Asian with eyes.

  • Thanks for the info.

  • well done carry on

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  • thanks maile . .for such a nice guide , not to do these if we do //

  • Basically Good content and quality linking makes everything cool

  • “Do something cool”

  • Just wanted to add – Maile i think your an excellent presenter. Very easy to understand.

  • We’ve had our website for 11 years – its so hard to keep up when they change the algorithms, things we have done before dont work now. I guess we get stuck in “trends”. But when our site is built on those trends as the time, we now need to change everything or we just keep falling in our keyword rankings. “avoid keyword density” thats how our main pages were built. I wish the age of the site had more value than it seems to – Ive seen brand new sites come and outrank us – its frustrating.

  • I have been beating this drum since the early days of Google, that people use search engines to look for products, services and information. They also use search engines to ask questions.

    Say what you mean, Mean what you say and Say who you are: Anticipate what a USER might search for in terms of information, photos and questions.

    Then provide this information on your website in a meaningful way.

  • Very usefull, it’s very important know the mean mistakes that we make


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  • Maile, you’re so hard to listen to. I’ll take a few “umms” in exchange for the slow, robotic perfection.

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  • Was it only me noticing that she looks like gray ones 😀
    Good tips?
    ” C’mon! get real Google!” +1

  • And oh, yes. Develop those “natural links” to my client’s website. I mean, who doesn’t want to mention their awesome septic tank service or plumber on their website just because they cleaned up a flood of sewage in their house? Closer to home? Who is really going to write about their real estate agent who sold their house at an unfortunate but best-case painful loss on their website? 1/500 maybe while a less deserving competitor builds links and gets the most listings. C’mon! get real Google!

  • SEO Mistake #1: Lack the funds to buy a superbowl ad.

  • Try adlshort . com. Cheap advertisement with thousands of views every day.

  • completely the opposite of the last video. ralcononcial my foot.

    might as well be in Japanese

  • Too many “SEO experts” are stuck in the past and one can’t help but wonder if they’ve ever read the primary patent of March 2005, much less, pay any attention to this type of available guidance!

    I sure wasn’t confused by this video and indeed found the information encouraging toward the path I’m on.

    It’s all about the methods of dissemination of information and the implementation, isn’t it 😉