A Few Obvious Reasons to Choose Drupal Development over Other CMSs

A Few Obvious Reasons to Choose Drupal Development over Other CMSs

Article by Ashley Forrester

Since its inception to the Web development arena in the year 2000, Drupal development has been a perpetual favorite for all Web developers. The code was originally designed by a Belgian student named Dries Buytaert for the site Drop.org. The source code was released as an open source content management system later.Recently, the 7th version of Drupal has been launched in the market with an overwhelming response from the Drupal developers. The soaring popularity of this CMS can be understood by the fact that more than about 1% (more than 500,000) of the websites on the Internet use Drupal. The modularity and scalability of this system allows the user to add many features and conduct many different types of projects successfully. But, owing to its highly adaptable structure and modularity, it requires an experienced Drupal developer to codify the system for a website.It is structurally different from other CMSsThis CMS is structurally superior – based on a combination of “native” and “community” modules. While a “native” module is available in a package based program, there are also about 6,000 “community” modules that are used to create the structure.When it comes to “native” modules, some like the user management modules are required for the functioning. There are also some modules that are optional. Only an experienced Drupal consultant will be able to guide you about the modules to include or discard.The “community” modules are the result of a community effort. A group of users organized around the Drupal project generally, forms a pool. CMS administrators can add different modules to the project to build their website based on their development needs. While some users add community modules for features like newsletters and e-commerce; there are others who might need a multilingual tool or a chat window for their website.SEO is easier with DrupalThis CMS is distinctively different from other CMSs in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. Following are some of the reasons why Drupal development is preferred over other CMSs:• Advanced control of URL and the possibility of easy automation via the Pathauto module. This feature is beneficial for the optimization of the websites.• This system helps the developers in taxonomy i.e. the system of content classification. Thus, one can easily organize the content of the website by just keywords.• This CMS has simplified the content management of title pages and meta tags. This CMS provides enough reasons for both the users and the developers to go gaga over it. Today the community members are sharing knowledge on several areas of Web development like official websites, weblogs, documentations and tutorials, and forums.If you are looking for top class enterprise and content management solutions, you must contact Web Spiders – the world leader in deploying content management solutions. They will help you to simplify your business processes, organize and manage content, and automate the process of records management in dynamic environments through efficient Drupal development.

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