A Website Designer Meets Clueless Client

A fed up website designer negotiates a website with flash and all sorts of internet features with a typically clueless, broke client.

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  • I couldn’t have said it any better as for how I feel about my clients as a designer. I especially like how you emphasized that they always say how their requests are easy and it should only take a minimal amount of time and effort.

  • ironically, the program used to make this video says “if you can type, you can make movies.” With graphic design clients it seems to be “If you have a business, you understand graphic design”

  • spot on!

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  • The customer is always right. Apparently!

  • Lol

  • Not necessarily true. That’s what they bid to get the job and then raise the price after.

  • been there done that 😀

  • SO TRUE!@#!!

  • This video made me lol several times. So true.

  • hahaha funny 😀

  • Color Blind Clients !
    Yes, they’re everywhere!

  • Color Blind Clients !
    Yes, they’re everywhere!

  • agreed! i see lots of indians doing websites for less than $100 or a bit over.

  • lol this is so freaking true!
    The indian internet boom helped a lot to make the situation worse, with their 30 bucks logos and 50 bucks websites.
    They are crappy and imitations but hey, clients arent aware of that.

  • I feel sorry for designers who can’t afford to retire yet

  • Microsoft Front Page sucks. Dreamweaver is better. lol.

  • too fucking funny

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  • lol.. loveeee it

  • OH MAN FRICKING hilarious and true! S-E-O. no I’m the C-E-O. classic

  • I design t-shirts, vehicle wraps and signs. Clients think that since it’s done on a computer that it’s just a click of the mouse and it’s done. Even when my secretary talks with the client, she puts ideas in their head that they can have 50 ideas. The secretary makes me just as angry as the clients. They have no clue what they ask for!!!!

  • I had a client send in a request for a website the other day, saying only:

     “I need tables in my cart how can have you help with this”

    After investigating, turns out that means he wants an entire ecommerce site built from scratch….

  • Wow….this is not a farce at all. Gets me so angry!

  • I have a meeting with clients tonight. in about 2 hours.