Access Time Of 34% Facebook Users Is Less Than Six Months Ago

News reported that four-fifths of Facebook users has never buy a product or service due to advertisements or Comments on Facebook, which is the latest sign that Facebook needs to take measures far more than the present, to convert up to 900 million subscriber base for the advertising revenue.

The online survey found that compared with six months ago, time spent on the social networking site of 34% Facebook users has decreased, while only 20% in the proportion of users spend more time. The survey stressed that investors’ fears in Facebook profitability, which bring Facebook stock price of IPO from the last month of $ 38 per share down 29%, resulting its market value shrunk to $ 30 billion to about $ 74 billion.

The survey shows that about 44 percent of respondents said underperforming Facebook IPO transactions has led to the decline in support of the users of this site. The survey was conducted between May 31 to June 4, 1032 Americans participated in the survey, 21% said they have no Facebook account. The survey’s margin of error is about 3.5 percentage points.

Facebook’s 900 million users make it one of the most popular website, and pose a challenge for Google and Yahoo that have deep-rooted Internet business. However, not everyone is convinced that Facebook has found the right method, to transfer this degree of popularity into one company that can prove that its own price valuation is reasonable. In Monday’s trading, Facebook shares fell 3 percent in the Nasdaq regular trading to close at $ 26.90.

In the survey, about two fifths users said they will use Facebook every day and nearly half said the time spent on the Facebook is the same as six months ago. Analyst said for all social media services, it’s the most important thing that it’s able to maintain the continued use of its services.

The survey also showed the highest frequency of use of the Facebook service user population aged between 18 to 34 years old, and 60% users use Facebook every day. In the population aged 55 and over 55 years old, 29 percent said they use Facebook every day.

In the survey of reason why 34 percent of users reduce time on Facebook compared with the time six months ago, the main reason is that this site is boring and without relevant or useless, while privacy fears came in the third place.

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