Adobe Edge Preview 1 Web Standards Animation Tool Using HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript

Adobe has a brand new web motion and design development tool for us to preview and evaluate. It’s called Adobe Edge and Preview 1 was just released yesterday. It is currently free to download and experiment with. It allows you to create and animate web based content using a web standards approach as opposed to using Flash or Actionscript. Here is the link for you to go and download preview 1 and other resources for Adobe Edge. Let me know what you guys think about it after using it in the video comments area. I have not even tried it yet, I just downloaded it yesterday. But I will let you guys know whether or not I will be cheating on Flash by using this tool for my web based animations after I experiment with it. If it is nice we may even do some tutorials on it. They would not create a tool that would kill Flash. This tool is for people that wish to make web based animations using compliant Javascript and HTML instead of Actionscript 3.0 animation projects. Which are still more advanced and simple to make than Javascript animations. HTML5 and Javascript animation has its place, and so does flash animation. Some people say only use flash for games, but then again,, probably made those website makers over 000 each. Some people do not realize that some of our clients ask for full flash websites. Observe how powerful Flash is on the web today, but keep an open mind to using Javascript based animation in forms and where appropriate as

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  • thanks for the response i apreshiate it and have followed alot of you tutorials and am excited to see how they come out for this new program

  • I’m having that issue too. I can’t even change the background color.

  • Dude, you are the best. Thank you for taking the time to do your videos, they are always very informative and easy to follow.

  • – I agree with your comment… well put too. They are looking to gain a larger market by supplying Apple developers with a nice animation tool so they don’t have to learn Javascript and HTML5 too way in depth… but animate like a pro. Like Flash… lets us move a box the scripted way, and the manual timeline way that flash is popular for. Flash is great and Apple developers should have a nice easy animation tool too. Buggy now… but they’ll fix it up.

  • I can’t wait for this!

  • looks interesting, will need a few days b4 I can test it though, need to finish current project first, thanks adam!


    (note*** don’t drink and code/blog on youtube)

  • Cannot see HTML5 overtaking Flash anytime soon simply because every browser is going their own way and implementing their own versions of HTML5, creating 4 different websites simply isn’t practical.

  • still i believe that even if Adobe Edge will be a powerful programm to create animations, it will never be as powerful as flash using AS3


  • Adobe Edge is like Flash if you deleted all the cool stuff from Flash.
    Adobe Edge has almost NO drawing tool, NO bone tool, NO 3D tools, No shadow filters… Flash CS5 is so much better, and hell I’d ever say Macromedia Flash 2004 is better than the Edge . This crap has a LONG way to go before it’s as good as Flash … LOL

  • It seems strange that Adobe would want to make a major investment in a product that would directly undermine one of their core products. I suspect they eventually want this tool to be used as a publishing option from within Flash… Which is great for the Flash developer community. It’ll make us more powerful and help us get clients to shut the hell up about doing the same project 15 times just so it can play on a stupid iPad.

  • Post testing review:
    1. intuitive to use with an interface similar to other Adobe products (Premeire, SoundBooth, After Effects) 2. smooth animations 3. good for knocking out quick and dirty animations for things like banner ads or static page elements

    1. does not export as a DIV with parameters like size– it exports full HTML pages so it’ll require iframe or some other means to incorporate elements into a complex main web page 2.only good for static animations

  • Just waiting to see what tutorial you bust out with!

  • I just need to know if I can draw bitmaps with this like you can with Flash. I finally coded a customization app with Flash and now it seem it may become DOA. Anybody know the future of such app?

  • you can’t rotate using the object handles, you can’t group objects, initially these are my main issues and why I wont be animating with this, i hope they will sort these issues in future versions, as it seems a good idea

  • They’re not killing flash. They’re simply creating a product that will appeal to a new client base. Not everyone likes flash. Some prefer HTML, Javascript, ect. This opens their market to them. It also doesn’t hurt that Adobe has a new product to stand behind if flash does die off (as some people have predicted).

  • relax, flash ain’t goin’ nowhere. :)

  • At its current state, edge is meant for animating premade websites I think the ecosystem will be building with muse adding animation in edge and editing the code in dreamweaver

  • I see a lot of potential for this, especially for iOS developers… It would be great if this somehow connected with your Flash projects… Like being able to export from Flash to Edge… Or importing your Flash projects into this and having it convert to HTML5… I just recently did a major projects where I have to individually convert flash apps to iPhone/Pad apps… Seems like this will cut the work in 1/2 especially if they can get the two apps to talk to each other….

  • it’s not their choice but they are smartly rolling with the punches.

  • Considering that this very page is being displayed using no Flash (I am participating in the HTML 5 test program with YouTube) I’d say the potential for the HTML 5 + CSS 3 + JS trifecta to overtake Flash is certainly feasible

  • what can i do with it ? designing pictures for website ? or what exactly ??!

  • adobe products are too complicate and over price. I won’t support them

  • that is not good that you have to pay a monthly fee. Why they don’t sell the sotfware?