adobe flash cs4 tutorial: Creating a slideshow Web Design

http://trustseo.com This video tutorial shows you how to create a slideshow to work in your website from adobe flash. 1. the code for the button is on(release) { gotoAndStop (Frame) } 2. then to make it stop use this code first click off the project hit F9 then insert this code: stop(); any problems message me ! thanks and please subscribe 2011
The original uploader of this video was PureCreativeDesigns

http://www.heyflash.com presents this tutorial that shows you how I animated and created the walk cycle for my character while using the bone tool of Flash CS4. This is my first tutorial by the way. Please subscribe to my channel, so that I can let you know as I add new tutorials to my channel and website. Also, feel free to leave comments and let me know if this tutorial was helpful to you.

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  • *click in* squeaker voice: HI *alt+F4*

  • Nice job

  • Name for the character is Bantus

  • this looks sooo DIRTY

  • thanks, this is awsome !!!

  • thanks you…

  • thats some cool bananimation, thank u very helpful!


  • really enjoyed your tutorial. thanks

  • thank  you very mcuh 

  • heyflash your all tutorial in spanish plsss upload some in english 🙁

  • The best tutorial I seen. She makes it easy to understand. Thank you

  • Very good tutorial

  • Really enjoyed the tutorial but could u avoid saying "Uhm" a billion times? and also why do u sound really depressed?  

  • Olá.Your tutorial is better because you have explain slow when you click on the tool.Then it become easy to learn it.I want go to subscribe to your channel .I whish sucessful.
    Antonio Gonçalves,Brazil

  • best tutorials in you tube for bone tool in flash i like it

  • soo awesome

  • now how do you connect the body to the arms and legs?

  • how can i make smooth motion flow?

  • I create a cartoon characters in illustrator.Now i import this illustrator file to flash in flash(swf) file and convert to symbol movie clip and using boon tool but its not working.how i can resolved this problem?