Adobe Flash cs5 / 5.5 Tutorial: Creating a Flash As 3.0 Volume Slider , Part 1

The first part is responsible for the construction of the slider , we will be using the start drag and stop drag methods in actionscript 3 to slide the volume knob on the given groove . We will be learning this method but we will see the manipulation of the volume only in the second part of the tutorial . Mohit Manuja qualitylessons.net Trainer for adobe Products Dreamweaver , Flash and fireworks cs5 5.5, Mumbai +91-9022995952 mohitsmail@yahoo.com

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  • nice 😀

  • i got confused…..in x and y

  • can u upload the pictures you use for the tutorial?

  • Very good, Mohit!!

  • nice tut!

  • thanks!