Adobe Photoshop Website Design Tutorial (Medium Difficulty)


In this video tutorial I will be teaching you how to design a header to your html website, how to slice the photoshop document and how to save it as a website document. I will also teach you how to link the menu bar. Follow Me: www.twitter.com
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  • Use ctrl+d to deselect please

  • check out my design i made. tell me if its good or bad plz.


  • SUBSRIBE — Love your tutorials

  • Please, zoom out next time.

  • nice work
    really got something!!!

  • If your thinking of getting into web design you might want to work with DIVs and CSS instead of tables. Web standards with W3C.org (really detailed) and WaSP (use google). Is an awesome place to start with web design. You can also go to dev.opera.com and search for web standards curriculum. Nice tutorial EdzJohnson but kinda out-dated. I agree with Greenolive300, DIVs and CSS is a much more professional technique with more advantages.

  • I LOVE YOU!! YAAAAAAAAAY~ Totally going to credit you and absolutely adore your accent and explanations XDDD thanks for the help

  • Excelent tutorial !!! Szuper nagyon jo .

  • i cant find the fill button

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  • tnx…if only u can teach me other professional web designing…bcoz i want to become a web designer someday bcoz being a designer is the beggiest opportunity for me…thats why if u can teach me i’ll do the best i can and i will never ever give even how many times i failed..

  • realy this video was help me sooooooo mutch thxxxxxxxxxx a lot from my heart !!

  • This helped a lot but when I open it up the table thing doesn’t show it’s just a short paragraph but nothing about the table.

  • What font have you used here?


  • @RevolutionsGuitar Just press the G. Remember that the fill tool and the gradient tool has the same place / hotkey, so try shift+G to cycle through them 🙂

  • @AiDz0r A-dow-bay Phey-toe-shoup

  • cool…
    i’ll do it and thanks for your videos

  • This is just a quick and DIRTY way to create a website. It’s WRONG though. No one uses (or should use) tables for layout. What is this…the 90’s…lol

  • @ramelizab how would u do it then?

  • You’re a terrible designer 😀

  • geezer what the fuck are you on about….. for someone who has no experience will still have no idea…..complete waste of your time and effort.

  • thank you very very much

  • good job ! look after that what you can do with my video

  • May be outdated, but nevertheless helpful to novice web designers such as myself. This is a very good starting point.

    Moving on…