Advanced Web Design: Develop Online Quiz with Master Page and Radio Buttons

In this tutorial I show you guys how to add check boxes and radio buttons to your form and how to use them.

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  • Skipped for tutorial 12 to here just to see how deeps it goes. Really enjoying this, thanks!
    So much info to digest tho

  • Hi Mr. Quentin, please let me know when we use html tools ? For example, when i work with, i normally use tools which appears with beginning tag <asp:…> in html. Im so confuse here

  • This guy is INCREDIBLE!!  I learned more in ONE DAY from these videos than from 4 weeks of books and paid tutorials that were produced by people who can't teach, communicate, or organize information in a logical pattern. This guy will be very rich and famous in the future !. 

  • Hi Quentin love your video's, you are a really good teacher.  i have watched a number of your video's now and i have understood everyone so far.  keep it up you are good at this! kind regards Gezz  (Jez)

  • God bless everyone, Jesus loves you 🙂

  • i miss the php part ??

  • i have a question
    when i use id in input and for in label or not use
    i can't see the difference why?