Amnesia: Custom Story Tutorial: Converting Custom Story to Full Conversion

A tutorial for Amnesia Custom Stories explaining how to convert your project to full Conversion status. This is only needed when you are changing attributes of core mechanics of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Tools used: Notepad++ – notepad-plus-plus.org
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  • Bless your soul, Russ Money. I spent three hours trying to figure this out and had to deal with invisible logos, missing map files, and SO much more. I was SO aggravated. You sir, are a godsend.

  • question.. why dont ur vids over over 2b veiws O.o soo helpful! thx

  • if i replace the config folder, doesn’t that mean im just going to be replacing the whole game?

  • You shouldn’t be replacing the folder but adding YOUR STORY’s config folder to config.

  • thanks for this man! Now i can possibly make my custom story a full conversion in another version.

  • Glad it helped! I hope to see a terrifying mod from ya!

  • hopefully it will be (im almost done, about 95%

    but now im considering making it a full conversion…still thinking.

  • Russ, do you use a certain program to make your custom story?

  • make a tutorial on how to use the editor

  • When i open my batch file (or .exe i have tried to convert it) it opens up an exstra cmd window, any explainations? – Great video though!

  • The only program usable to make an Amnesia Custom Story is the HPL2 Level Editor.

  • This will sound nooby, but what’s the difference between a custom story and a full conversion?

  • A full conversion can support more content created by the modder, custom menu / menu background, lantern, inventory UI, etc.

    Custom Stories use all of the default configurations and assets of the main game.

  • So how is it I install a full conversion? Do I have to overwrite the main Amnesia game so that it has all these menu’s and backgrounds?

  • I do all of the steps.
    but the game show me a crash

    Help! Send me a Private Message!!!
    Thank you

  • like the difference between zombie escape and white night

  • i think it would be easier AND safer if you would just move the original config folder into a backup folder in case something goes wrong, preventing permanent data loss