Amnesia: Custom Story Tutorial: Journal Entries\Notes

A tutorial for Amnesia Custom Stories explaining how to add notes and journal entries. Tools used: Notepad++ – Amnesia Editor Tools – ————————————– Check out my Full Conversion Mod: La Caza –
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  • how do i center the text?

  • Before i had two keys. Their names were ok. I followed the video but nothing came up. And my two keys dont have names anymore. Please help me.

  • can i send my .lang file too? please, cuz my notes are coming up blank too… even though i did exactly as you said, i also had a key, with a description and name, before this. which worked fine. then after doing this, the name just come up blank too.. please help

  • You have to put your keys in the same category. It works for me.

  • Thanks a lot, and I was very useful

  • do you use the same procedure as shown in this video when you make diaries?

  • please answer where do you get the english lang thing???

  • How do emotion stones work? I’ve been trying out a number of things but it just won’t work for me. I can get it to play the right sound when I interact with it and everything, but I have no clue of how to get a proper text displayed on screen. Please help, I can’t find an answer anywhere. There are no tutorials on these emotion stones, which sucks…

  • Anyone know how to get the notes to not appear blank like they do? I followed the video and checked over everything and i think it all looks fine. I tried changing the ShowMenu = false to true so i could select my custom story but doing that throws up a fatal error as it cannot load the script file. any help?

  • Thanks 😉

  • /watch?v=mmgPJ2Hf-6w&feature=related
    Follow all 3 vids, he explains how to make it

  • It, will only give me the title not the text.. ? help me 😉

  • 1. make the note in the level editor. DON’T GIVE IT A NAME! JUST MAKE IT
    2: make the script, with the name and text.
    3:name the note in level editor.

    This worked for me….

  • The problem with blank notes is that you only need one category for all notes, you can’t make two (this worked for me). If you want 2 or more notes, put them in the same category.

  • Thanks man, thank you very much.

  • Thanks a lot 😀

  • hello, i’ve got the same problem, i did everything and somehow he just does not get it!

  • Thanks for making this video. 🙂

  • I love U! THX

  • Where do you save the .lang file…?


  • Thanks a lot Russ, everything worked, but I forgot to end my CATEGORY tag because I added like 5 notes at a time. I was also surprised you created La Caza, loved it.

  • Where in the world do you get the extra_english.lang file?? Please answer!

  • AGHHH!H!!! IVE TRIED THIS A MILLION TIMES!!! NOTHIGN!kanisjdoiajsdolajsd

  • Create a text file and save it as extra_english.lang instead of extra_english.txt