Android Tutorial & Lessons 7: Start creating the Splash Activity

Android Tutorial & Lessons 7:Start creating the Splash Activity: Here is the link for learning more about android Activity: developer.android.com Whats upCornFanz, thanks for watching my videos, i would love it if you subscribe and give me some feedback. What’s up CornFanz? Thanks again for watching my videos, please subscribe and thumbs up if you liked it. Apologize for the clippy audio and saying umm a lot. In this lesson you will: -Learn about Activities, and how add the proper layout for an Activity -Start typing some Java. -Create a new class -Learn a little about Threads, and how start creating a Thread variable This video is the 6th in a web series that I am creating to help you learn Android programming so you can create apps and eventually how to learn to write games for android phones. I want to explain things in a way that everyone can understand, even if you have no experience with Java, XML, C, OpenGL, or as a matter of fact, any other programming language. If you do have a lot of experience with programming, these first videos will be really slow for you, but my goal is to get everyone sprinting, but for now we have learn to crawl. follow me on twitter: @cornboyz
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  • In my res–>layout file I have my splash script all written out with no errors but under myMain.java when I input setContentView(R.layout.splash); there is an error saying “splash cannot be resolved or is not a field.” Please help. Thank you.

  • P.S. this is my code

    package com.devin.thebasics;

    import android.R;
    import android.R.layout;
    import android.app.Activity;
    import android.os.Bundle;

    public class myMain extends Activity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub


  • delete the “import android.R” and “import android.R.layout” and make sure all your resources are lowercase

  • I deleted “import android.R” and “import android.R.layout” and I’m still getting the same error “splash cannot be resolved or is not a field” but now I’m also getting another error saying “R cannot be resolved to a variable” and I also tried a lowercase r and I got this error “r cannot be resolved to a variable” By the way your videos have really helped me out to get started. Thank you. I sent you a “Thank You” message. Don’t know if you saw it.

  • Your Android vids rock. They’re just what I’ve ben looking for. Many thanks.

  • why do all ur vids have 2 dislikes

  • Thanks…you’re fucking awesome…..!!thanks

  • Hi
    Great work i am really enjoying by listing your lectures. Spreading the knowledge of Andriod.

  • 0:01 what’s up gangstaaaas*

  • I feel like i have to start all over because of the “R cannot be resolved to a variable” message

  • check out my blog post on how to fix this. mybringback(dot)com > go to the blog section > Travis’ Android Help

  • Glad im not the only one with that problem… and that feeling.

  • Its usually something small, which makes it so much more agitating. But even if you start over.. keep on keepin on

  • When did you add an icon of the app?

  • i get an error for the button. There is a syntax error telling me that parsing error no element found. I don’t know how to fix this help pls!

  • I cant understand where is your ‘raw’ folder ? It appears at the end of the video itself…. so how ?

  • I love the tutorials but i hate all of the cuts :/ It gives me a head ache

  • Im very happy to see the tutorial….Cornboyz you are great. keep it up to explore our IT.

  • If I want to make a own design which height and width should I persist? So all screen sizes are supported under the 5.3 inch without ruining my layout.

  • can you use .gif files for any type of graphics?

  • how do i make a
    if(Button==1){playSound(“the sound you want”)}

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  • string words = “whatever I said in the last video”; haha love it! great tutorials too, thanks