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In this video we will discuss about Wizard control. Wizard control enables creation of multi-step user interface. Wizard control provides with built-in previous/next functionality.

A wizard is a collection of WizardSteps. The StepType property of WizardStep determines the correct previous/next buttons to show.

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  • HI! Your videos are so helpful 🙂 I have subscribed & liked as well. However, can you PLEASE provide a link to a video that can guide me on how to save all this information from the wizard to the database? Thank you so much, this will be extremely helpful!! 🙂

  • You are the one!!!! Thank you. Awesome class.

  • Your videos are very helpful to everyone.
    For me helped like more n more.
                                 Thank you for your Great job.

  • very helpful…thanks

  • Awesome tutorials sir very much thanks and from home only we can become a .net developer from these videos

  • Please provide a video which will store the wizard data into sql-database.

  • also can do this by Jquery AJAX page section load method right? this way we can also deal with SQL db… also possible by MVC multiple controls, but will postback the page…