Audio Is Powerful – Here’s How To Use It!

Today I want to talk about another element of

product creation that can make a serious impact

on your sales figures. I’m talking here about the

use of sound.


When you are trying to sell to your prospect

online the key thing that you will need to do is

to engage with them and most people will do this

with the use of a website and the copy that is on

the site.


This can work fine but if you are going down this

road you are leaving out a big opportunity to

connect more with your buyer and create more

sales. With the use of audio on your website you

can change all this and connect more with your

buyer. There are a number of reasons for this.


Sounds that we hear are very powerful and can

enter into the subjects mind and control what

they do. If you doubt this just look at Paul Mc

Kenna or any famous hypnotist and watch how they

can control people by simply talking to them.

When you talk to your customers you influence

their buying decision more as you will be talking

to their sub conscious mind.


People are fundamentally always looking for the

easy, less painful option in life and if they can

sit back and watch a sales page that has audio

they will do this instead of reading through a

long sales letter. The combination of audio and

text works best as this will give them something

to listen to and to read before they make a

buying decision.


The trouble though with learning something new is

that it can take time and effort and your

schedule is probably pretty full up if you are

involved in internet marketing. If you hire out

the job to someone else it can also cost you big

time, which you don’t want to do before you have

sold any product.


Luckily though there is a solution where you can

get the best of both worlds and get top class

audio and integrated into your site without

programming skills and without spending a fortune

by following some simple cut and paste steps.


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