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One of the key components of basic training? Those darn hospital corners. See how it’s done. Watch More How To Videos on our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Watch More How To Videos on About.com: video.about.com Connect with About.com on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow About.com Video on Twitter: twitter.com

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  • there was a lot of wrinkles in there son

  • But how? Do they get kicked out or something?

  • I can make my bed the first day and use my sleeping bag the rest of the time right?

  • youll just get smoked every morning untill you get it

  • Seems a bit complicated but hey practice makes perfect. I think i’ll learn this if i really try to lol

  • well heres what my platoon did we slept in our sleeping bag on top of the bed so we dint have to fix it and have more time

  • Somebody drank a little bit to much vodka…

  • good luck with that buddy, DI catches you your fucked he will have you do every privates bunk

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  • When i was in basic they made us mount our beds, get under the blankets, and kick our feet up in the air, so no matter what you had to remake your bed every morning.

  • i have always tried to find a way to do things. in usn basic/ san diego CA this is what i did:
    i’d go and find who was the last dog watch. find the guy and tell him to wake me up 15 minutes
    before reveille BECAUSE I HAVE TO TAKE MEDICINE!! (not one guy failed to do so in 9 weeks) which gave me 15 more minutes than everyone else.

  • in the showers i noticed everyone chasing their bars of soap…there were no places the park it
    so you had to hold it in your hand…. since the soap has a very bad habit of getting as slippery
    as two eels fornicating in a bucket of snot…. what i did…. everybody saw but none….NONE
    copied — i have no idea why not — made a hole in the middle of the bar, but a string through it
    and tied the end and hung it on my neck….. was it too difficult to think? no. so why no one else? who knows

  • this helps alot….

  • Hahaha you and me both. Let’s just get used to the idea of having our beds thrown out the window.

  • What the heck is a 45 degree angle????

  • I made my bed like this… I feel accomplished 🙂

  • wonder how long in the am do they have to make the bed so perfect? hey when your sheets are nice and tucked in and the bed well made, that’s a peaceful sleep

  • Good job, excellent information.

  • so you only do the hospital corners at the foot of the bed? (not including the dust cover). im going to COLS tomorrow and i had noooo idea how to do this till i watched this video, thank you so much!

  • half of a 90 degree which is a corner

  • thank you for the video its always nice to know how to make a bed peoperly.

  • the guy is hot..

  • this some bullsh. You gotta do all that everday?…damn it

  • @gyreenedoc Im gonna steal that one when i go