Basics of Internet Marketing

Basics of Internet Marketing

Article by SanjayKumar

Internet marketing is advertising or promoting products and/or services on the worldwide web. It is often also called Internet advertising, web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing. Internet marketing can easily connect to a prospective client since he or she is browsing the Internet and is specifically searching for information that is connected to your business.

The Internet has greatly improved traditional ways of marketing, bringing numerous benefits including lower costs for the dissemination of information and media to wider range of audiences. Quick interaction between clients through Internet marketing is one great benefit of this medium. The Internet has given marketing a wider scope of getting information across to clients via electronic mail, wireless media, and websites. It has improved ways to provide services through electronic customer relationship management (ECRM) systems and easier digital customer data management.

Internet marketing has incorporated both the creative and technical sides of the Internet which includes web design, web development, advertisement, and selling. Internet marketing doesn’t only mean creating and promoting a website, or advertising on another website. Efficient Internet marketing needs a complete and organized approach that effectively portrays the company’s identity, fulfills the needed website function, and enables to company to connect with the target market via different advertising designs and media.

Internet marketing also means putting media where it is more likely for the audience to find through search engine marketing (SEM), banner advertisements, electronic mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and Web 2.0 strategies.

Internet marketing makes it easier to pinpoint what kind of advertisement appeals to a specific number of audience so you can quickly and effectively exert effort in reaching the correct demographic. Traditional marketing divides the market according to gender, age, geography, etc. Online marketers have the edge of targeting clients based on activity and interests. If a company is selling tennis balls, they can post advertisements globally on sports related web sites.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is substantially inexpensive compared to traditional marketing. Businesses can connect to much more prospective clients for lesser advertising costs and have quicker results and client responses that will in turn lead to quicker profit and returns. Internet marketing also has a big advantage on gathering data, measuring, and testing making it easier to identify which kinds of advertisement is more effective and appealing to clients. Modifications to websites and other advertisements can quickly be put in place based on the gathered statistics.

On the down side, Internet marketing requires the use of newer technologies like computers and internet capable mobile phones. Although most places and countries have internet connections, not everyone knows how to use the computer or high tech cell phones. Clients or buyers are not able to physically try, touch, smell, taste, and feel products that are on sale is also one disadvantage to Internet marketing. There is however a standard for e-commerce vendors to provide assurance to customers with their replacement or return policies and in-store pickup services.

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