Basics of Photoshop #04 – Designing a Website

Here’s a look at how to mock up a website design in Photoshop.
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  • wow.. what cant you guys do???

  • @TheLunatic1011 Divide by zero…no, wait, they can.

  • Dachis you’re my hero

  • its like but much shorter and cooler.

  • Really thought you were going to go into how to make the different elements interactive. Wasn’t really sure photoshop had that capability or not. You did go over a few really nice shortcuts that were helpful. thanks

  • Nice tutorial. Great explanation of the basics on how to make a web design but I was kinda disappointed that you didn’t explain what the recommended sizes for a web page should be and why.

  • the clicking noise is really loud… and kinda annoying. but good video haha

  • Cool video thank you very much!!!… But how do you get the HTML or CSS code to upload to your site? Would you use Dreamweaver if you have no coding expertise?

  • So how do I add HTML funcionality? That’s just an image :O

  • @iFirstComment it’s just a mock up

  • what were the page dimension?

  • Could you show us how to convert it to html/css?

  • like this series

  • How would a site iike this rank in search engines – I mean is it like using flash? or are the words searchable and users with various disabilities friendly?

  • Umm, at 02:45, how come the thing you make there don’t apear ABOVE the “lifehacker” text?

  • @KungenBaz as he clicked on the background layer first, the rectangle layer was then created above that layer and below the logo layer.

  • Sounds like Jesse Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerburg talking about facebook.

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  • This should be about how to design Facebook.