Battlefield 3 – Custom Platoon Emblem Tutorial

New Script – userscripts.org Original Text Tutorial – www.facepunch.com Burp Suite – portswigger.net Vector Magic – vectormagic.com Notepad++ – notepad-plus-plus.org 10 minute mail – 10minutemail.com svg replace code: x=”0px” y=”0px” width=”320px” height=”320px” enable-background=”new 0 0 320 320″ xml:space=”preserve” Burp Copy+Paste Link – battlelog.battlefield.com
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  • the script seems to make a blank platoon emblem, then when i click edit emblem again, it has made some random pink and green squares…. woot?

  • Nothing appeared in burpsuite when i dragged the image in. I re done everything twice but no luck.

  • rawr tnx maaaan!!!

  • well i need your help! ,, i did the hawk in the emblem thing dindt got it in my screen from burp….

  • Thanks for making a video of this, I’m pretty bad at writing guides

  • hey bud tried it like six times now not a pc champ but followed instructions and could not get burp to recognize the bird but it picked up everything else like youtube and other battlefield sites but not the bird

  • worked…

  • I followed your exact instruction and it worked! Needed to refresh the page quite a few times with F5 for burp to recognize it. The only issue I had was the quality of my picture and how it turned out more pixelated, any idea why that is?. Yours turned out amazing, mine came out great also but there’s was definitely room for improvement. Thanks a lot for being so specific and giving clear, direct instructions.

  • alot of problems.
    (1) victor thingy thing doesnt give no more tokens = .=
    (2) my burp looks like barf… I mean seriously !@#$%$#@!# <--- repeating (3) is there any other way ?? );

  • link for svg replace code don’t working..

  • just what i needed

  • it always says that im out of tokens. please help

  • Can u send me the SVG code or whatever its called coz I can’t get open the link. Nice video btw 😛

  • U a Brony????????

  • no

  • How do you open battlelog?Not with an internet browser!!!Please tell it to me mate!

  • At 3:00 pls tell me are you using an internet browser…please man tell me!!!

  • hey bro I Follow your instruction and it works on me but the bad news is when i click forward it doest not show the picture that im suppost to put in my emblem but it show the default eagle hm i think maybe its bcause of the patch last day hm can you show another tecniques of how to make this again hm that patch really piss me off i wish i see this video much earlier pls help im waiting in your response ;(

  • ok at 11:45 what are u saying cause it sounds like ur singing haha

  • i deleted notepad++ cuz it took space right before i saw this video-_-

  • Why wont battlelog save lol.. i dont get it

  • Notepad ++ website down ?

  • I get an error about the proxy settings….please help me!!!

  • omg i feel like a hacker 😀 , didn’t work for me though… my whole internet just error:ed when i changed the LAN settings..