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  • @arbimd Depends what are your plans with the web site. The easiest way how to publish content is a blog. I use WordPress, it is free and highly customizable. Doesn’t need to look like an old fashioned blog at all. I use Hostgator web host, they are between top 10 professional web hosts. Prices start at around $4/month, best value is Baby plan – for 7.96$ unlimited domains to host. Coupon code HGGREEN2011 will get you $9.95 discount from the 1st bill. HGATOR25OFF gets you 25% off.

  • nice

  • nice video very help ful

  • Hey lisa… LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!
    So…. Im 15 and applying to be a youtube partner!
    How did you apply to be a partner… when you aren’t 18?
    P.S. Is 86,000 views enough to get accepted?

  • @arbimd YOUU’RE always helpful, not your. No disrespect intended.

  • Thanks you so much for the tips. It took me hours (about 8-10 hrs) to come with a great website idea, but I finally got one. I came up with a lot of ideas and chose the best one. Now I just have to spend tons of hours and dedication in making and marketing my site. Thanks!

  • Very informative and well presented video. Even though I’ve been tinkering with website construction for some years now, I still found your tips to be useful.

    Thanks, Lisa.

    ~ abajan (asmartbajan at that!) in Barbados

  • A easy free website making site is webs.com, but you can get upgrades for making proffesional websites. I just screw around though!

  • ugh you have to pay???????????

  • This is great. Yes you have to pay … you are setting up a BUSINESS. Still, the cost compared to the cost of other business is miniscule. Not knowing where to start is the hardest part. I came accross happyandwisecomwhich shows step by step basics, including how to set up your own website, how to market yourself, how to build a list and create follow up emails in Aweber.

  • I just built my first site! still a little rough around the edges but hey I’m new. I used the Go Daddy Web Site Tonight deal. Not the best but very easy to use.
    Check it out – Vacation Table Rock .com
    check out my ads too, see if they work 😉

  • Anyway i can make my own domain name and make a website without paying??

  • You know, stupid things like this are putting well educated and extremely creative designers out of work, people think by clicking and dragging a few boxes around that they “made” a website. I’ve actually had may clients pay me to take “thrown together” websites like these and make them look professional.

  • @venture1011 I understand your frustration, but I do think there will always be room for talented designers like yourself. I don’t exactly drag boxes around (at least not anymore LOL) I have learned enough CSS to develop a decent looking site. But I run a group in my city and even though many of the people used builders or templates almost everyone as expressed the desire for a designer to get things done. So there will always be room for designers even tho builders may take some business.

  • @venture1011 not everyone can afford to hire a professional to do these things.

  • @venture1011 i agree because some people can get hacked from paying online. trust me it happens a lot to people. they can lose their own money and become homeless. never trust these kinds of virus’s. they really hurt a lot . it can destroy your computer and it can destroy your life.

  • where can I create everything for free? I need help plz im understanding this


  • You look exactly like my english teacher…

  • @marykate315 – well thanks! so are you!

  • @venture1011 Then tell them to get a new job, instead of whining about it on youtube. How pathetic.

  • free …u should pay for it 🙁 welcome to the NWO nothing is free .

  • this video was made in 2007…almost 4 years ago….any updates????

  • i really want to make a site to sell and buy stuff but, 299 dollars per year? no if i will make 1 dollar per 1 guy

  • Lisa, I see that you’re using YouTube’s video promotion. How is that working out for you? I’m considering it myself for my novel. Thanks for letting me know!