Black & Pink Floral French Manicure Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello You Guys!!! Happy Friday ~ Its been so sunny here in California that I dont even feel winter has started, the funny thing is that its about to end. The rose bushes in my yard are starting to bloom because its been so warm & sunny this winter. I guess I’m telling you this because its the reason for this nail design, I feel spring coming on, & it inspired me to create this floral art. This is actually the second time I use this background color, if you’d like to see the older video here’s the link to that video: youtu.be I hope you enjoy this two tone french manicure, & try it out. Have a Great Friday ~ Bye*
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  • really love these x

  • My favorite so far

  • OMG that’s an amazing nail art totorial. do you have any tips for my to make nail art with your left hand? i can’t do that really good

  • amazing

  • Df

  • hey i love ur nails and ur nail art design .i wanna ask u a question that how u do ur left hand nail design ? bigggggg huggggg 🙂

  • Where do you get your brushes?

  • I purchase my brushes from Michaels the craft store…

  • For everyone wondering how to do nail art o your left hand (or dominant hand) there is two ways that I know of. The first easy way is to take a plastic sandwich bag (like a ziplock baggie) and do your Naipolish art on there, let it dry for about half an hour. If you are finding that the designs are to brittle and are breaking just apply a layer of topcoat on the baggie before you do you design.

    The secon way is to so things with your left hand. Like making your lunch or supper but only using

  • where do you get the paint from?

  • nice design!!!!!! easyyyy!!!!

  • lovely dear!!!!!!!!! great work 🙂

  • supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! МОЛОДЕЦ! мне нравится!

  • i love your videos sosososso much! you inspire me! It always looks like your natural nails but there just so long and gorgeous!!! do you wear some type of overlay on them or are they just  your natural nails?

  • Thank You So Much ~ I dont use any kind of overlay, Only topcoat I use one that has a thick consistency its Seche Vite.

  • Those are sooo cute!

  • Your nails look amazing. I absolutely love them. They are so cute♥

  • Loved the tutorial! How do you keep your own nails so long? my nails are naturally very hard but they tend to crack or peel away and they never grow very long. Do you have a suggestion?

  • Thank You So Much ~ I have super thin nails, here’s what I do to grow my nails long & maintain them. I massage oil over my cuticles 3 x a day. I use a nail strengthening basecoat. I use gloves when doing dishes. I have an older video tittled “Tips For Growing Long Nails” I hope this helps…

  • Thank you for the tips! I will be trying that !

  • Wow…..

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  • it look nice and cute

  • I like this very much.

  • gostei muno esta perfeito