Blue One Stroke Butterfly Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello You Guys!!! I want to start off by saying Thank You Soooo Much for your very kind messages on my makeup video. I had lots of fun reading your comment’s. Thank You ` Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Today’s nail design video is actually several month’s old, I had a cold during the filming of this video which is why I opted for a voiceover. I hope your Friday & coming Weekend are full of Happy Times. See You Next Time, Bye* Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to any of the company brands I mention in this video. I will get no monitary compensation for mentioning any of the products used in this video.
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  • I love this and I love you!!!

  • AWESOME!!! 😀 

  • Thank you once again !! We all have been waiting patiently for this video ! I know being the holidays it can be difficult to post them! We all have other personal or family obligations so we understand!! Thank you !

  • Beautiful! How do you get your nails so long?

  • Quiero que sepas que me gusta ver todos tus videos Que hasta los veo mas de unavez porque me gusta la manera como combinas los colores y sobre todo con esa alegria que siempre cuando los demuestras u explica ahora me despido deseandote que sigas como vaz y quiero darte las gracias por Siempre amotivarme amiga querida.

  • Umm, You’re using a nail art brush for the butterflies, right? but, can you use..like..a regular painting brush that is kinda the same and get the same results? I’d really like to try these (: They’re beautiful.<3

  • i would give the gels and acrylics a rest and put your money towards something like a good nail strengthener, and a crystyl or glass nail file instead of card board and eat lots of protein. thats like a quick couple of tips haha youve probably heard them before

  • Yeah, just one nail, please 😛

  • I was wondering what type of base coat you use. I bought Seche clear and i dont like it at all. It makes my entire nail polish design peel off at once. Do you have any suggestions?

  • HOW DO YOU GROW YOUR NAILS THAT LONG? or are they fake?

  • I loveeee them (:

  • Hi! How do you dry your nails? I live in a very humid city and find that all my artwork goes awry because it does not dry thoroughly, even though I wait up to 30 minutes to dry—- even using ice cold water to speed up the process. — HELP! (Love all your work!!!)

  • Hi! Hope you don’t mind if I’ll tell you how easily to dry your nails. Simply go to Ebay.com and search for a nail dryer. It’s cost around 30 USD…Hope, it will help you.

  • cool work and cool designs….

  • Omg….. its so pretty, I like it!!!!! <3

  • I have watched this video like 8 times copying the exact “moves” you do and i cant get my butterfly to come out right! what im stuck on is creating the wings. i’m using just nail polish and not acrylic paint, so it that the problem? for the one storke stuff do you have to use acrylic? thanks!

  • Those are beautiful!!!

  • My favorite color BLUE 🙂 BEAUTIFUL

  • Wow, one stroke flowers are so beautiful, great idea using it to make a butterfly! Genius!

  • By the way, what do u do with the make up sponges after u use them?

  • wow tienes mucho talento!

  • MUY BELLO!!!!

  • are they her real nails coz if they are they are amazing <3

  • I don’t know if she or anyone has answered you yet, but for one stroke nail art you got to use acrylic paint, water based if possible to not harm your nails. Nailpolish will never blend as good as acrylic paint and also it dries much faster so it might happen that it get’s clumpy already while it’s still on your brush. Acrylic paint is not too expensive you get good one already at dollar stores 🙂

  • Does anyone,have any tips to achive those one stroke flowers and butterflys????? Please anybody i practice and i still cant get it