Build a Website Using HTML and CSS – Project #1 – Hindi / Urdu Tutorial


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Learn HTML / HTML 5 For Beginner – Hindi / Urdu Tutorial

CSS / CSS3 Tips & Tricks – Hindi / Urdu Tutorial

Create a Basic webpage We’ll dive into a number of basic HTML and CSS to style your page concepts we will first start by creating small boilerplate code and start learning CSS Resets and what is the use case of it and we start making Simple Project using responsive web design techniques.
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  • plz give a tutorial in html css and js plzzzzzzz

  • Sir which software to u typing coding.and what browser use see the output.reply me

  • Assalamualikum sir kya ap automated news website banana sikha sakte hain

  • sir can u make a video on html and css by implementing making website

  • can you explain the .form_code and post_code operation in css property

  • sir what is ide name please give me ide download link

  • Sir Can you please tell me how to make online store website using html,css and javascript please

  • sir that is good demo but last errow animation and share icon remaining ……..

  • Bhai please tell me can I make it on notepad……

  • Please tell me …….

  • thank you bro.

  • Hi brother can you please add more videos of these type…

    I want learn header with so many buttons ..Also type of techcrunch website.. If possible…
    Please It's my humble Request. Thank you!

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