CANON 60D Training Video

Agency PARADOX MEDIA Agency Creatives Seb Lee | Lynn Ho Production House JAY YAO PHOTOGRAPHY Producer | Jay Yao Director | Glenn Chan Writer | Johann Production Manager | Leslie Kwok Production Manager (Vietnam) | Le Thi Hong Anh Director of Photography | Glenn Chan Additional Photography | Joseph Lee | Jay Yao Camera Operator | Tang Kin Yee Gaffer | Alfred Lim Stylist | Woei Seah Model | Gonzalo Post-Production Infinite Frameworks Audio Post-Production Home Studio Pte Ltd Composer Joshua Chia Sound Design Jesper Zeng VO Talent. Christian lee Special thanks | Cinegear (S) Pte Ltd | Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vietnam | Eric Dan Anh Tuan | boutique sapa hotel Final montage soundtrack by Joshua Chia Title: “Twilight Meal”, “Three Frogs” & “Great World” Publisher: Home Studio Music Pte Ltd © Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
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  • Excellent video be out tomorrow with mine

  • Hi, could somebody please answer my question: was this video shot with the 60D as well?

  • @akumar90 It says at the start of the video that it was shot by 5D mkii, 7D, and 60D cameras. The 60D and 7D use the same CMOS sensor, so the video shot between the two cameras is fairly similar.

  • Good video, though, I think they focus too much on the Live View. The viewfinder is much better when doing photography

  • Amazing video – informative and really well put together! Loved watching it! Thank you very much!!

  • Excellent product video

  • how can anyone dislike this video ?? 40 dumb asses !

  • This landscape is so wonderful!

  • excellent production!


  • no helmet = stupid

  • Well done, awesome video and production!!

  • great video mate!

  • woohoo thanks alot 

  • Thank you for the tutorial with a BEAUTIFUL video!

  • superb video….touching too…

  • -3

  • 3:06 my dream lens 😀

  • This is Vietnam, and I’m proud to be Vietnamese

  • Is there a making of video..bts,article or a production blog somewhere about this video.This is really well done !!!

  • Guyss Wat zz the price for this EOS 60D???

  • @ronaldsubba2 $900 for the body. ^_^
    Great deal right!

  • very nice job on this video..

  • This tutorial deserves an Oscar.