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If you want to learn how to code, you will LOVE this complete Python 3 programming tutorial! This video is a 2 hour compilation of tutorials from The Complete Python 3 Course: Beginner to Advanced! In this tutorial we will cover Python 3 installation, PyCharm IDE setup, programming fundamentals, and end with a calculator project.

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Time Stamps
01:58 Introduction to Python
06:08 Python installation in OSX & Linux
13:06 Windows 10 installation
15:10 Using the Python interpreter
19:21 Running Python scripts
21:05 PyCharm IDE setup (working environment)
29:18 What is a number?
34:48 What is a string?
39:39 String manipulation
49:22 Boolean operators
54:15 What is a list?
57:33 What is a dictionary?
1:00:47 What is a variable?
1:06:32 Built-in functions
1:13:01 User defined functions
1:20:04 Arguments
1:23:16 Default arguments
1:28:05 Keyword arguments
1:30:12 Infinite arguments
1:34:12 Return values
1:38:05 If else statements
1:41:36 Loops
1:45:50 Modules
1:52:57 Calculator project
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