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Beginning Adobe Flex Tutorial: Your first Flex Program Part I

Beginning Adobe Flex Tutorial:  Your first Flex Program Part I Become a professional web or mobile developer with the Framework Online Boot Camp from LearnToProgram. Earn 8 certifications as well as the confidence, competence and skills to earn a job in the development field. Start Now for free!

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What is Adobe Flex? Adobe Flex 3 is a development environment used to create both windows and desktop applications that can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux systems. Adobe Flex is used to create programs with Actionscript 3 and MXML. It is perfect for Rich Internet Application Development and is easy to learn– especially if you already know HTML or Actionscript programming. Adobe Flex 3 is similar to Flash, but the environment uses a screens metaphor instead of timeline metaphor for development.

This Adobe Flex tutorial takes you through developing your very first interactive application in Adobe Flex. The tutorial is in two parts. This is part one of two.

If you’d like to see a written version of this tutorial it’s available on LearnToProgram.TV’s web site (www.LearnToProgram.TV). Please feel free to share this tutorial with others.

This video is hosted by long time corporate technical trainer Mark Lassoff. In the tutorial Lassoff will guide you through creating three controls in ‘code’ mode and compiling and running your first Flash application.

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Today we talk about CSS3 FlexBox. Everything you need to know to use FlexBox right away.

See the code:

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