Choosing a Stunning Web Development Company

Choosing a Stunning Web Development Company

It is vital that you choose the correct website design company. To do this, follow the instructions given in this article and you cannot go wrong. Website design is a vital part of everyday business these days which is why it is important that you, a business owner make sure you have a website and/or web page online. It can greatly improve brand awareness and ultimately make you more money. Imagine being able to sell online 24/7 without even being there.

When picking a website design company, you should first consider the following:

1. What type of website do I need?

Do you need a 1 page website or will you need multiple pages? Most website design companies will charge extra for extra pages so make sure you know yourself how many you need before having more pages pushed upon you.

2. Do I need to sell online?

This is called eCommerce. eCommerce systems don’t come cheap, but it’s important to consider the ROI. You should make sure the company you choose does not charge per transaction. I have noticed some companies charge as much as 10% per sale you make.

3. Can I add pages myself?

If you have no experience with websites, it is probably best that you consider having a CMS (Content Management System) which will enable you to add/edit/delete pages with ease. Most companies will charge for this service, but it will make your life easier.

4. How much does the company charge?

Face it, we’re in business. Companies that charge as little as £74.99 like one leading web development firm have staff to pay, bills to pay & other overheads. Website developers are not cheap and cost around the £20k mark. You get what you pay for. I would say the average pricing for a 4 page website would come in at around £299-499. This should be a quality website.

5. Databases?

It sounds very confusing, but having a database system within your website can make your company more efficient. It can less down on paper which will help the environment and also help you with marketing. For example, having all of your customers in an online database could be turned into a weekly newsletter. What greater way to reach out to your customers than online!

6. Search engine what?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process we use to improve the visibility and ultimately the profitability of a website in the search engines by using various different methods to pull in free organic (natural) traffic. Hiring somebody to complete SEO can be a risky process, but like the website design you get what you pay for. So many people get ripped off by hiring people on the cheap. It would be best to pay monthly for a fixed period than pay up front to limit the risk of being ripped off.

7. VAT

Did you know that you can put website development down as a business expense? Check out VAT Disenbursements on the governement website for a more detailed explanation.

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