Choosing Your Web Design Surrey Company

Choosing Your Web Design Surrey Company

Article by Tom Morley

As web design surrey is getting higher in the market, every company will be looking for a web designer, check out the signals to see if he is the right provider for you:

He’s a certified webmaster – the complicated world of internet includes more departments than you can ever imagine, so no one can use the title “webmaster”. Provider that calls himself “webmaster” means that he learned HTML with w3c tutorials, if he adds the word “certified” for it, it means he might even did a free internet test.

He will put your website into high number of indexes and search engines. – the main effect of this action will be that when people are searching for your site, instead of your site to be shown there, the indexes that has your site in their database will be shown. He actually kills your promotion chance by that.

He uses flash – the website design surrey has surely promoted positively the flash technology, but it destroys the promotion chance of your website, burns it and crashes it. Google and other search engine cannot read flash websites!

Portfolio: Semester’s Final Project – anyone that includes their semester’s final project into their portfolio, shows you how the site will be designed, cheaply and using “paint” or minimal Adobe Photoshop. And as you know, the affects website design surrey includes that you must have the number one design for your website, or your potential clients will start looking for new company

For best view – if he includes in the bottom of your website a message: for best view, please use IE7 or better and 600*800 screen resolution. It means that this is his screen and internet explorer version and that he is not good enough to provide you proper design so everyone can view it.

All rights are reserved to X for the design – if this message is shown on the design he made, and the name is not his name, then of course stay away.

I will add keywords for every page of the website using Adobe Photoshop – even that thanks to our web design surrey that is allowing us more and more with our software, you cannot get keywords in an image, sorry!

After those tips, double check before you choose your web provider. The web design surrey company you choose is everything these days; first impression is not something you can change!

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