Common Mistake in Web Design

Common Mistake in Web Design

Web design is a complex process that carries many thought and work. Still, sometime it carries a mistake that is hard to define and also figure it out, but it cost much to the owner. In this article web developers London will discuss some common mistakes that generally happen during a web design.

Fail to design SEO friendly site: The aim of every web designer and developer is to design a SEO friendly site. In trying to give a better look they load the page with heavy files and graphics which is off-course not at all SEO friendly. Rest of the work is done by the content. Due to bad analysis of the website, analyst sometime ends in searching bad keywords. The best keywords are those which have less competition but a good volume of search. An analyst should always target balanced keywords.

PDF Files On Website: In general a user hate to download PDF file and read it especially when he is browsing. The reason is that standard browser command doesn’t work here. So a sweet suggestion to all web designers London and developer is that avoid using PDF file if it isn’t very necessary. It is an undifferentiated blob of content hard to navigate.

An unreadable text: An online article is meant for a widespread audience that is hard to target. They have different taste and thought. So the safest way is to use the best and most common format that is well accepted and easy to read. All web files should consist of titles, subheads, if possible bulleted content where ever necessary, short paragraph and most important inverted pyramid structure.

Font size: The articles on a website should have a fixed font style and font size. You can also give reader zoom in and zoom out options, if possible.

Title: Always prefer giving a user and SEO friendly title. What is the need of the article posted on the website if it has not a good volume of search? The page title is the main tool to attract visitors from search listings.

Avoid Advertisement Like Designing: People on net are very fast, they have very less and during the time of search they don’t like advertisement, so any design similar to advertisement is not preferred by user. Instruct your UK web design not to design anything resembling

Believe in Consistency: It is one of the usability principles so avoid changing the design of the website. Don’t mistaken with the text, text should always be updated but design should not be.

The more your site will fulfill users’ expectations they will feel more in control and the more they will be dedicated to the website. Hence you will gain popularity

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