CPP Copy Constructor with Example | C++ Programming Video Tutorial

In this c++ Video tutorial, you will learn to write a copy constructor for a class with example.

You will learn what are copy constructors, what is the syntax of writing them, what is the use of them, how to use assignment operator with the them, what happens when we copy an object, what problem they solve in detail with example.

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  • You are a fantastic teacher! Simple and to the point, but covering all the required information. I have been using your videos for all my C++ exams. Thank you very much for the impressive content. Blessings OJ!

  • i was struggling with the concept for a using copy constructor but thanks to u its all clear now.

  • shetty

  • Anil bro thanks from Pakistan

  • Great video. Thank you so much!

  • thanks

  • Sir i love your voice, and your teaching just awesome

  • Sir, in which application you are writing program ?

  • "anil shetty"? LOL

  • Great! Thanks

  • Perfect !
    Yesterday I had a course teaching about the Copy Constructor for 1.5 hours and I didn't understand anything.
    This video of 13 minutes explained it perfectly.

    Thank you ! Greetings from Israel !
    I subscribed.

  • Thanks man!

  • Sir the constructor Person will be auyomatically called in main function??
    AND why dont we create another function rather than using copy constructor

  • Your videos are really useful!!- Thank you so much !!! 🙂

  • why did you use "new string (name)" instead of "new string name" ?

    I meant the bracket that covers name

  • Very good explanation. Thank You! 🙂

  • why reference in copy constructor

  • a good explanation with an easy to understand example. cheers!

  • Very good explanation, thank you so much!!