Create a Vibrant Color Ring — Advanced Photoshop Tutorial

Like Me! Follow Me! (I’m desperate for attention!) www.facebook.com | www.twitter.com Check out Howard from IceflowStudios Search Bar Tutorial! iceflowstudios.com Tutorial Inspiration: 365psd.com Create a Vibrant Color Ring — Advanced Photoshop Tutorial In this tutorial we will tackle intermediate and advanced methods of creating this amazing piece of artwork! We will talk a bunch about creating and manipulating complex paths and working with multiple Adjustment Layers and Layer Styles to non-destructively create this graphic which can be made many different colors with the click of the mouse and can be scaled up or down within your Photoshop document without losing detail. It’s vector-based! It’s advanced and complex, but if you jump in you’re going to love it!

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  • i get an error when i want to combine them.. 18:01
    please help

  • This tutorial doesn’t work for CS6

  • Amazing!! Subbed and just a little tip: i would have been nice having 2 parts!! But really great tut

  • I get a ‘program error’ at 18:03!!
    please help!

  • Very difficult 🙁

  • I get program error too???

  • Same problem for me, I can’t combine the paths at 18:03, i get an error. (I am using Photoshop CS6)

  • Can’t combine at 18:03 CS5!

  • Just deselect the paths and then click combine. It worked for me!

  • Just deselect the paths and then click combine. It worked for me!

  • Just deselect the paths and then click combine. It worked for me!

  • what i did is saved it closed photoshop and reopened it and it worked fine 🙂

  • Wow that was really cool!

  • restart your photoshop, that worked for me! ;D

  • u talk too much talk less and slower

  • swoosh

  • Your voice sounds like Charlie Sheen !!!

  • stuck at 36.12 cannot remove the unwanted white on “define shine” layer, control clicking on swoosh 2 and changing my foreground color to black but what do i do next its not really explained in the vid :S can someone help me please. otherwise excellant video so far!

    thanks tutvid

  • Yea im stuck at 36:12 too how do u do the mask on the swoosh 2 changing it to black? need help asap

  • Yeah me too, feels like i have tried everything! Im sure he will get back to us at somepoint!!

  • Go to Edit, fill and then you want to use black, modus normal and 100% or whatever you need. I hope you understand my poor english 😛 took me a while to figure out how to do.

  • Thank you very much frenk!! Yiur english is excellant i will follow your instruction tommorrow and report back!

  • I don’t have the combine button, nice. 😀

  • the below tip does not work, anyone have any suggestions for me as it is driving me insane!!!

  • apologies my mistake it does work!!!! i didnt have my mode on normal thats why