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CirclePad has been updated to be twice as simple, twice as powerful. This introduction video gives you the big picture of what CirclePad does and how it helps you get online. www.circlepad.com Music by Jssystem, simply electro www.jamendo.com

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  • amazing!

  • Can i put ads on it from ad sence.? please say yes!

  • You can put ads in the upgrade versions but not the free versions… check out the video in CirclePad under “Help” > “Add Html”

  • You can put ads in the upgrade versions but not the free version… check out the video in CirclePad under “Help” > “Add Html”

  • Is it a download?

  • The problem about circlepad is that you can’t scroll it down!

  • You can make pages that scroll down. Just change the page size under “File” > “Page Setup”.

  • Yes it does, check out the video under “Help” > “Linking Pages”> You can link on any image, text or simple shape.

  • I was like “This looks great” until I saw 2:25
    “10 emails”
    When I create sites I create many emails, including emails for all of my administrators..
    And only one gb of space..

  • Yes this video is old:

    CirclePad is designed to connect to separate domains now so it’s much simpler, and you can hook up as many emails as you want on the external domain. It also has more packages with more space.

  • Can you make an online store on circlepad?

  • If you try out CirclePad there’s a article under “Help” > “Store & Paypal” will all the details.

  • Can i make the website in two languages?i dont need a translator

  • same functions of a website and far more easier to use. But what If I am looking for a job as a web developer?

  • plz sub me

  • does it stay free

  • if i want to set up user accounts, with a monthly fee. how can i set this up?

  • Check out all the packages details on the front page under “Packages & Features”. It shows the details on the free version, if that’s your choice it’s free.

  • Very clear step by step guide… Many Thanks!

  • is this a .com site??

  • That looks awesome. Does it put ads on your site? O~O

  • @mantastrike afraid not, html and css do look confusing when you first look at them but they really are quite simple languages to master. If you want to work as a web developer you will definitely need to learn these languages. I would also recommend learning javascript. that would make you a front-end developer. if you want to learn how to create complex systems then I’m afraid there are quiet a few more languages you will have to learn

  • @AussiePolitics
    Thanks mate! I am currently creating my website using flash and dreamweaver. However, I have little knowledge on coding, as source codes are provided in the internet so I only have basic knowledge on coding.
    I can’t create my own code without looking at somebody else’s work but I can modify them myself.

    QUESTION! does having your own website can get you a job easily?? not web development but just an entry-level job in IT. I haven’t finish IT either I just started.

  • @mantastrike That’s how I originally started out learning, I would find templates and modify them. They’re a good introduction, and in fact our first assignment for web design at uni was to customise a template so that we could get a feel for how html and css worked. so you’re well on track 🙂
    hmmm thats a tricky question. If you were looking to get a job in the web industry than I would say it would be a definite plus to have a portfolio site. still it could be a benefit for IT – showing skills

  • @mantastrike I think the best source I found when I started out was the tutorial you can find if you put this into google:
    nettuts Design and Code Your First Website in Easy to Understand Steps
    it takes you through using photoshop to design the site and then every step is explained on how to code it up. I learned so much from it and its definitely worth a look. good luck 🙂