Creating County Overlays with Google Maps Javascript API

Full tutorial at elliottmediagroup.com I show you how to create an overlay on a Google Map of a US county. You can find more info on the Google Maps API at code.google.com

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  • Wow, 38 minutes 22 seconds of HD!!! Must of been a big upload!

  • Really useful for me, Thank a lot

  • you rock! thanks

  • Great :)

    I got a project to do can you help me?

  • Well done. Appreciate your thorough explanations.

  • thanks for the tutorial- it made my day actually:-) is it possible to make all of these “raw data” overlays cache in browser so users dont have to reload?

  • I assume it would be possible. I’m not sure exactly how you would go about it, but there probably is a way.

  • rn=>2 separate ascii character CHR$(10) and CHR$(13) – need to replace both to bring lines together. Your app must replace each character with a separate “;” – hence, 2 semi-colons after the replace.

  • Thank you Elliott, that was a fantastic introduction for customizing Google Maps.

  • Terrific tutorial. Definitely one of the best I’ve seen on any topic any time. Full marks to the teacher.

  • Thnx a lot for the tutorial. Gonna have to find such data for Germany to do an overlay for my country.

  • Hey dude Nice tutorial, hopefully it will work out for this application I am doing. Also your website has some bad links on the homepage returning 404 errors. Lastly, is it possible to dev an app that has this same functionality without using html that just loads everything locally?

  • Thanks so much for pointing out the 404s, I went ahead and fixed them. I don’t think you can do maps stuff locally because the API requires reaching out the web for the map data.

  • Yeah I don’t mean locally handling the server request. That is against the google terms of use. I meant basically a non web based version. More of an application instead of a web app. Do you know anything about that?

    Also what did you do your site in? Is that all custom code or a cms? I do a lot of drupal dev myself.

  • Oh I see what you mean. I know they have a Web Services API available in XML and JSON, which you could use to pull in directions or such, but I don’t know if that would allow for the tiles to be displayed. They also have an actionscript api which you could use with a flash-based application.

  • Ok cool. I am still trying to figure out where to get started with action script and whether or not to make my app flash based or not. I dunno what to do! haha, anyways thanks for the heads up!

  • Sweet. Also, I reckon you could probably just put some sort of web view in a desktop app and then use the Javascript API…

  • And to answer your question about what I did my site in, its a WordPress driven site 😀

  • Elliott….excellent video. Do you build mobile apps on Apple and Android OS’s? Thanks, Dan