CS & IT Symposium 2010: Web Design and Development – A Key to a Growing Program

Computer Science Teachers Association Computer Science and Information Technology Symposium July 13, 2010 Web Design and Development—A Key to a Growing Program Presented by Pat Phillips & Alfred Thompson It’s quick and easy for students to create interactive websites using the professional Web design software from Microsoft—Expression Studio 3. Learn how your secondary schools can receive Expression Studio at no cost! Explore the free teaching and learning resources that will enable you to add Web design to your students’ toolbox of communication tools and explore deeper Web development techniques. The free curriculum materials range from 2-hour tutorials, to 2-week multi-disciplinary units, to a full semester of comprehensive Web design concepts. All of the materials were created by teachers and tested by students. Students can install the software free of charge on their personal computer making this a valuable software option for many schools challenged with providing professional design and developer software to students. For more information, please see csta.acm.org

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