CSS Website Design Tutorial – #1 Introduction to CSS

In this, the first in a series of CSS website design tutorials, I will teach you how to setup and link an external CSS style sheet with a HTML web page. I will also teach you some basic text formatting with div classes and default HTML website design elements and tags. Follow me: www.GoSoCo.com Please don’t forget to rate, comment, favourite and subscribe!
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  • Hi Ed Good to have u back with the Website Design Tutorial.
    I was wondering if you know how to get your website into goggles search engine, do you have to pay to get this done. Or what’s the step to get it done!!

  • It would have been better to use ids rather than classes. It is the correct way to use header footer and a main body part.

  • I love your stuff Edz but you have alittle competition now that Bucky from “thenewboston” went full time. He is doing the exactly same thing you are covering right now and in a WAY easier way.

  • hey, nice tutorial, but i think, it would be better, when the screen is quieter, because it’s very stressful to see the animation……good: you speak a very good english, i’am from germany and i could understand the tutorial from the first to the last second, that’s very good πŸ™‚

  • I thought this was a great video
    (I never knew CSS could be in HTML)
    Thumbs up to you πŸ™‚

  • do u get paid to put videos on youtube?

  • dude these videos are awesome i thought css would be really hard.
    Thumbs Up

  • Something has gone wrong. I copied the code from your css and the font will not change at all. Does your tutorial work better in chrome? By the way your tutorial saved me from failing a part of my course, thanks man.

  • “header” you mean… blowjob?

  • @Gameswizard4life it will work fine in any browser just make sure your css is synced right and you are putting the right : and ; in the right place.

    Hope this helps,


  • great vid

  • Keep on with css and html vids!!

  • when u r going to upload Tutorial – #2?

  • subscribe to the new boston

  • i cant get it to change everything like at all

  • how do you get a foreground???

  • 00ffaa I’ve got no idea what that color is XD

  • hi man plz upload css i need too much for my soical website which i m tryin 2 make with ur help

  • Seems like he never continues on his series.It’s too bad cause the tutorials that he does get doing are really good,but then he just leaves you hanging.Sorry Edz,but thats just how I see it

  • Always lol at the “So lets get started!”.

  • @4kTPD thats his awesome style!

  • thanks. I am using Codeigniter design Jobs project.

  • Awesome! I really like your tutorials. You do a good job.

  • why doesn’t the “body {font-family; arial}” something work on mine? it’s still the same and i couldn’t figure it out. πŸ™

  • i have a question for you Ed.
    i want a picture that i made in photoshop for my header.
    1. is it possible?
    2. if it is possible: How ?