Curves :: Photoshop Tutorial Learn the Power of Curves!

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  • Great explanation. Thank you!

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  • Very simple to follow and informative video! Thank you very much! Five Stars!!

  • great tutorial

  • well said

  • I realy found your tutorial of great value because i have been trying to understand curves and how they work. Now I do. May I make one suggestion? I am from the UK and I found your accent a bit difficult (please dont be offended) If you could speak a bit slower, people from other countries would find your tutorial even better. I will put your tutorials into my favourites. Thanks

  • very informative, thanks!

  • Awesome tutorial. Very informative. thank you so much!

  • all your videos are great ! very well explained than you.

  • all your videos are great. Very well explained. thank you

  • That was great and explained so well… thank you haps!!!

  • Thank you. But this begs to ask a question. Levels change the threshold of blacks and whites, so should you begin color correction with levels or curves? Levels, right?

  • thats some very rich and ripe advice thanks tutvid.

  • lol, nice tut.

  • Thank you. very helpful indeed.

  • I tried turning my monitor upside down but the power plug came out 🙁

  • Curves are really useful mostly when you are in PS.

  • Great!  Thank you!

  • Thanks a lot! Most of my doubts are already gone!

  • Great, I should have watched this 10 years ago when I began graphic design :o)

  • Ghostrobo, is that you???

  • great!

  • Great explanation. Many thanks.