Designing A Web Page with Adobe Fireworks

Designing A Web Page with Adobe Fireworks

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Flash Building presents a Fireworks CS3 + CS4 Tutorial on creating stunning swirls and curls for your web design projects.
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  • like wOw… I'm afraid I;m going to stay up waaayyy too late to swirl, twirl and whirl. Thanks much.
    Do you have a pentool tutorial as well? dAng, I find that so hard to work with.

  • wow nice one!!

  • Fireworks IS the best. Program I used most in production. If I need larger output like a 7 foot banner, then I import into Illustrator.

  • Brilliant! Just what I've been after…!

  • so whats the differant between Fireworks and Photoshop?

  • my favourite part is….. Bammm 😀

  • I remember that not too long ago you used to have "blades" for your backround. How did you make those blades?

  • Thanks so much!

  • i agree, you are a very good teacher! i always wondered what the purpose of fireworks was, i am pretty good with photoshop and illustrator and now i see! thanks!!!

  • how do I move that swirl into Photoshop?

  • This was so much easier than using illustrator which is what I ususally use for graphics. you are a life and time saver thank for the post

  • Fireworks is a "vector" based design program,and Photoshop is a "raster" based one.

  • think Adam for this tutorial
    but i have َQuestion
    do you a good website 4 beginner in fireworks ?

  • Thanks, Adam. Nice tutorial. I agree, fireworks is a great graphics tool.

  • Thanks

  • I appreciate you.

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