Developing Tutorial Courses for Autoresponder Delivery

Developing Tutorial Courses for Autoresponder Delivery

Article by Jill Black

Developing tutorial courses to offer at your web site is an excellent way to promote yourself, business and your web site.A good tutorial is one that is unique in some respect and mustcontain valuable information or your reader/s will unsubscribe.There are thousands of tutorials on how to create an ezine, email marketing etc so brainstorm for something unique thatrepresents your site, your product, or a specific skill you can teach people.Always keep in mind that the aim of any tutorial course, first and foremost, should always be to teach, inform and provide quality information of interest for your target audience through the sharing of your knowledge on the subjectsyou are familiar with.These courses *can* be invaluable for pre-selling your readerson your products if they are done right… Developing your courseDecide on a subject then create your lesson plan.Begin by making a list of topics and then depending on the numberof topics separate each into an individual course lesson. For example: five topics will become five lessons, ten topicsten lessons and so on. Follow the same format for each of your lessons.In the first lesson outline the course contents and whatthey can hope to learn during the course of the lessons. Give each lesson a number.Each lesson should have a title.Follow with the actual lesson.Throughout your course you can refer to your product/s andhow it can help them solve a problem within the context ofthe topic under discussion. Never however, use your coursefor the blatant advertising of your products and servicesor it will be a quick click on the unsubcribe button.At the end of each lesson give highlights of what toexpect in the next lesson. Keep it interesting so subscriberswill look forward to the arrival of the next installment. Once you have completed your written course the next step is to sign up for a follow-up autoresponder capable ofdelivering your lessons at pre-determined intervals. This canbe every day, or perhaps every second day for as many daysrequired. Autoresponders are available fromhttp://getresponse.com (free)http://aweber.com Follow the instructions given when you sign up. Do a trialtest to ensure that the delivery options are set correctly.Next place your course information on your web site with your course description and the mailto: link to yourautoresponder. After mastering this type of autoresponder courseconsider providing workshops via email or…Self-learning training courses delivered via email. These courses are structured the same way as offline correspondence courses and tend to do well year in and yearout as the market for the course information always constantly replenishes itself. Self-learning training courses require structured lesson plans, a course outline and set objectives for the knowledgethe student can expect to gain from the course. Often thistype of course includes a self-knowledge quiz at the end of each lesson for self-evaluation purposes by the student of howwell they have understood of the current lessons content. Popular topics include Business and money making coursesPublic Speaking coursesLanguage coursesSalesmanship coursesWriting coursesInterior Decorating coursesInspiration and self-improvement coursesComputer ProgrammingStress Management coursesMassage coursesAstrology courses”How to”…Just about anything that can be adapted for delivery via autoresponder that will provide people with the information and knowledge they are seeking. Develop a prospectus for interested students to download (PDF format gives a more professional look) then create a course outline and sign-up enrollment form page at your website. Set your autoresponder to automatically deliver lesson installments to each of your paying students at weekly orfortnightly intervals.Note:Training courses contain no advertising for products or services…they are the product. Many “how to” ebooks canbe adapted or broken down into course lessons and presentedin this way providing another source of income or to be soldoffline via direct mail.

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