Difference Between Developing an App and Developing a Website

Difference Between Developing an App and Developing a Website

Article by Sue

They look a lot alike and they both use electronic gadgets but they are actually completely different.A lot of clients include the frame of reference of owning a website done plus they understand what that cost and how much time it takes. It’s very different for apps. There are many explanations why.

First, is that it is a young space. App development is a young technology. A few years ago there weren’t iPhone apps nor were {a href=”http://www.isbx.com/android-app-developers”}android app development los angeles so there clearly not too many people that do it yet. There was not a great deal of people learning the best way to do it. Less competition implies that apps sold are priced more achievable since there was clearly still less competition.

Second reason is that it is a higher-level plus a high quality of a code for app development. Unlike website design, that has been around for quite a while. Now there are a lot of preset ways to do it. A large amount of people know how to to do it, like HTML or CSS. There are plenty of online libraries regarding how-to’s for web developing tutorials. For things like Objective C and Cocoa which iphone app developer los angeles and Android developer uses, not a lot of people know it yet. It isn’t that popular as of now.

The 3rd reason is that, creating things for the web could be so much automated now. You can now easily go to CMS websites like WordPress or Blogger and make up a website in such a short time. There aren’t things like Content Management System yet for things like iPhone apps so it is a much longer process to get when completed.

Finally, with apps, you are handling a lot more options with the device. When you are dealing with such things as web it is possible to simply take a mouse and just click on a link so will surely have some music or video perhaps. By having an iPhone device, you might be dealing with GPS, accelerometers and Bluetooth. Even down to the finger movements, it is not just a simple scrolling of your respective mouse around. So it makes like coding more technical when you have a great number of options.

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