Dreamweaver CS4/CS5 Tutorial – Styling Text in CSS

Today we are going to be looking at a CSS Dreamweaver tutorial {CS3 CS4 cs5}. We are going to learn how to style text without having to create a new CSS rule every time. It is surprisingly easy and will save you a lot of time! Styling Text in a webpage is very important, but having to make a new rule every time you want to style somethnig isn’t! So hopefully this quick tip Dreamweaver tutorial will help you all out 🙂 We are using the targeted rule: new inline style, which will ultimatily save us a whole lot of time. If you are a beginner to dreamweaver, I hope you found this tutorial before going through all the rugged hard ways!! If so, leave a comment letting me know how you got on. My Website: ZeTutorials.tk Subscribe bit.ly Thanks to everyone who subscribed, make sure to leave a comment below on how you got on….. — How to style text in dreamweaver cs3 cs4 cs5 Styling text in html and css Dreamweaver Css & Html tutorial Changing Text Font, Size, color —

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