Dreamweaver Tutorial – 4 – Formatting Paragraphs and Lists

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  • i also think its very nice

  • Excellent Video – great pace, no annoying music in the background and definately NOT boring.

  • Dude. I can’t find some buttons in the HTML or CSS at the bottom of the software.

  • You are very helpfull!!

  • Me too. I got CS4 and I use the CSS to change the font.

  • Thank you. All of your tutorials are a great help.

  • thenewboston, thank you so much for all you’ve done for us.

  • CS4 sucks, its nothing like this shown in the video.

    It took me half an hour to figure out why it wouldn’t let me change font and it uses called CSS rules which u have to make for every font changes which takes forever and is a pain in the ass.

    I was so tempted to find a way to revert back to cs3.. So yea im telling all you people, dont upgrade to cs4

    Anyways I just needed to vent, thenewboston dude is awesome.. Thank you for the time to teach us dreamweaver

  • very nice tutorials. thanks man!

  • good stufs . thanks. 

  • YOU DO AN AWESOME JOB of explaining everything!! Thank you so much!! Great pace, very clearly done. You’re the BEST.

  • Subscribed.

  • do anyone know how to download this program for free

  • I am using an old version, Ultradev4, how can I reduce the space between lines when I press return, I guess it’s paragraph spacing. I want to make the lines closer together. Thanks and I enjoyed this one.

  • Hey man, thank you so much for theese tutorials! seriously!

  • Brilliant – Many thanks!!!

  • Brilliant – Many thanks!!!

  • there used to be a guy called djrorok who owned w/ free stuff, but he got caught but he’s coming back

  • Solution: get dreamweaver cs3

  • What is the standard website size

  • boss you are a genrous, angel a great person I love and respect you alot. I have learnt so much from you that you even dont know. doesnt matter where you from you are heart ruler. May my Lord progress and prosper you and reward you for this kind effort. Lastly I would like to say simply you are the best……………………………….


  • best dreamweaver tutorial ever made in this world
    who dislike this tut is a bitch

  • Your videos are the BEST!

  • thnx 🙂