Dreamweaver Tutorial – CSS3 Box Shadows

Host Unlimited Websites For .88 ! Unlimited Hosting, Free Domain, MySQL, PHP, CGI, SSL, FTP, Stats, 0 google adwords, E-Commerce Included, Dreamweaver Ready, 30 Day money back guarantee In this Dreamweaver Tutorial by James at We will learn how to create create CSS 3 Box Shadows. There is a free Box Shadows CSS3 Tutorial guide and web page to download here is the link to the download page This is one of the best CSS3 upgrades that the web design community has been waiting for! This CSS will save so much time adding shadows to pictures and other elements on your Dreamweaver web designs. css 3 shadows or css box shadows are very easy to create with just a simple line of code. The css shadow box can also be positioned top, bottom, right and left of the image and you can also set a blur radius to make the effect look more authentic. learn to create shadows and shadow css3 painlessly with this Dreamweaver CS4 Tutorial. Learn how to use CSS3 Rounded Corners: My Dreamweaver Tutorial website: Follow me on Twitter My RSS feed for Dreamweaver Tutorial updates: Now you won’t have to make Box Shadows in Photoshop and Fireworks and position them with CSS anymore! Any questions please write a comment below!
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  • Another good tutorial.. Using these shadows and the rounded corners tutorials on my next project.. Thanks..

  • Thanks 360mix, Box shadows ! what a time saver.

  • I have not used the CSS radius and shadow.. but I can imagine using these for picture gallery.. not having to add to the actual photo.

  • Really like your straightforward approach. 🙂 THANKS

  • Thanks for great tut
    (what screen recorder u are using?)

  • Thank you very much! You solved my problem!

  • This is the 2nd of your Tutorials I’ve tried. It’s so great when you see the result .

    And the way you are explaining its so-o clear and easy to understand(I’ve study Dreamweaver since last week )..every person who like to learn something can use it.because it’s written so good.

    Thank you…I’ve been wondering how this shadow actually can be done.

    Thank you,Thank you,

  • Great Tutorial mate, keep up the good work!

  • so i tried and it is not working – I even download ur file and it still did not work. I upgraded to 3.6 thinking that would solvve it, but it did not – what am I doing wrong?


  • CSS3 is awesome!!! I just found out an awesome effect for some frames:
    box-shadow: inset 0px 0px 500px #888;

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  • @yassercreations hi I believe you could use css3pie . com which will do box shadows retroactively – James

  • Great tutorial. What a time saver! Thanks so much.

  • p.s. its called MARKUP not CODE

  • No-one gives a SHIT.

  • dreamweaver is time consuming..good for learning basic css but prefer pro generators much more faster developing websites..ect serif x5

  • So there’s no way to apply a shadow to both sides?

  • sure, the easiest way would be to increase the pixel radius and set the alignments to 0.

  • very easy thanks!

  • Man, you sound just like Oliver or James Phelps (George and Fred Weasley) from Harry Potter. Haha awesome and very nice tutorials man, easy to follow.

  • Dropshadows are nice for working with a light colored backgrounds, but Photoshops outer glow is just as fancy when dealing with darker webpages. While watching this video, I think that CSS3 may have inadvertently added an outer glow option by making a white drop shadow with a high shadow spread.