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Embed YouTube Videos to your Website in Dreamweaver CS4 CS5 CS3 8 etc. This works with any version and any word editor like GIMP. The code is exactly the same and it can easily be copied. This is a simple website layout with a header, soon to be navigation, two column content area and a footer. We are styling our video with div tags and css. The difference between div id’s and class’ are explained in the video. – Watch Part 1 here: www.youtube.com – What are Div Tags: www.youtube.com – Make sure to Subscribe: bit.ly – My Website: ZeTutorials.tk How to make a website layout Dreamweaver CS3 CS4 CS5 tutorial CSS and HTML coding Dreamweaver and Photoshop website div tags explained how to style a website create a website in css and html free how to write div tags two column website styling a webpage Embed YouTube Videos How To —

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  • Thanks, I should have known that because you watch and comment on all my vids (thanks for that!!)

  • Whenever i do something like that i usually record with the mic on as well because i could stay on a page for 10 seconds when i need to talk about it for 20 seconds and the same the other way round (Vice Verse)

  • Yeah well when I record it (with no mic) I take my time because i can trim it later on in Camtasia. Also if you write down your intro & outro it might help. I always forget to do that but i prefer just going with whatever comes out 🙂

  • I just wanted to say that your vids are really helpful for a beginner 🙂 Keep up the good work, and you will be recognized by more people in no time. I have seen some terrible tutorial videos before I saw your ones, and those get 100k views whilst being very crappy.

  • Thanks so much 🙂 Im very happy to know that I am helping peolpe…. ya hopefully I’ll start geting some more subscribers! Thanks again 🙂

  • Great tutorials man…really appreciate it. This is great information for people that are trying to get a solid foundation in web designing and code writing. This is much better than trying to read through a manual or a book, even though they are helpful in there own ways. Just want to say thank you, and continuing doing your thing. Peace.

    -Anthony T.

  • how do i do this on my webpage im desiging in photoshop?

  • Dude I just wanted to say … YOU ROCK… I’m learning a a lot with these videos… Thanks for posting these!!!

  • nice tutorial still.. but why use inline style when uve got a css stylesheet, thats not a good coding convention, apart from that its a nice tutorial

    Your video is the only one I understood so easily!!

    btw, ZERO dislikes!! 😀 Keep rocking!!! xD

  • Thank you dude it helped me so hard keep making those video’s !!!!
    i created an account on youtube just for subscribe you !! 😀

  • sure that’s mad, Ted!

  • Hello ZeTut, your videos have finally get me into div tags. one recommendation for your html/css/dreamweaver tut is to give it a part 1, 2, 3 in the name of the video, it is difficult to find it among your other tuts, thumbs up and thanks.

  • whats the bar you have at the bottom of your website called? the one with facebook like and twitter and stuff?

  • did you ever finish this website??

  • when I come to 4:32 then I dont see it like this and there’s no targeted rule :S

  • no funciona el video gracias

  • i learned so much in the last 2 hours than i did from my teacher on 4 weeks. ugh…. wasted my money on him.

  • Thanks you for this video. You the best.

  • thank you so much 😀

  • thank you for helping 🙂

  • You helping so many people.. thank you for this! 🙂 keep make tutorials! “ps”

    i make a lot of channels and subscribe on you!

  • I appreciate the support mate but I don’t want any dead channels subbed to me. I only want accounts that will actually watch me.

  • how can i use build in template? and how can i connect?? thank you