Dreamweaver Tutorials – Create a slideshow using dreamweaver shows you how to create a image slideshow using only dreamweaver.

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  • @FenixStopsPain How does that help us? We can still NOT insert a image viewer?

  • Question: Is there a way to add text like a heading and body copy with a working link into this?

  • Second question: I looked and do not have the image viewer option. How do I get it exaclty?

  • @FenixStopsPain
    So I guess we import it vis SWF and do we select from the folder “gallery.swf”?

  • But, as a flash image sequence…it won’t pay on any Apple mobile products, right? Is there a non-flash slide show option?

  • fantastic tutorial! Clear, concise – thanks for posting this.
    - Steve

  • @FenixStopsPain aw man thanks a lot. I spent the last 2 days looking for a slideshow online but this is better. thanks again.

  • Thanks, LOVED IT!!!! Saved me alot of time!

  • fantastic tutorial! Clear, concise – thanks for posting this
    >>>i am sooo thankful ur work>>
    and i am asking..if i want to add this slideshow to my can i do it??
    my webpage is already exist!!

  • @FenixStopsPain you need to explain it better my friend, what are we exactly selecting to get the image into dreamweaver?

  • How do you do this in cs5? it doesnt have an option for flash under “media”??

  • how do i get the “flash elements bar” on the right, when i click the icon it dont work???

  • Excelente!

  • I’ve got the slideshow made, but it won’t save to my page….What did I do wrong?

  • whats with the horrendous background music?

  • most helpful video on this topic i’ve found, but very hard to sit through music. Shall I send you some of my original instrumental music?

  • great work thanks, but please lower the music.

  • thanks nice tutorial 🙂 <3 it

  • Is there a way to let the visitor saves the images?

  • Excellent tutorial, thank you! Very helpful. 

  • how to create a video slide show also???

  • Excellent video! Thanks

  • good informative tutorial but that background music is very distracting and somewhat annoying…

  • This is so great… You answered all my questions