Everything You Know About Web Design Is Wrong – SXSWi 2009

Just as early filmmakers struggled to break free from the conventions of live theater, after 10+ years Web designers are still trapped in the structures of the past. Forget pages, linear text and other archaic vestiges of design’s print ancestry; the separation of content from presentation has already changed everything.

Above the Fold: Understanding the Principles of Successful Web Site Design

Above the Fold is a book about the fundamentals of effective graphic communication set in the context of Web design. Unlike other books that focus on the intersection of design and technology, Above the Fold explores the relationship between the stakeholders of a Web project– the designer, the user and the client — and how this continuous cycle affects the decisions made by successful Web designers. Above the Fold is not technical manual or a how-to book, nor is it about timely trends; it’s about the timeless fundamentals of layout, usability and measurement that lead to a successful digital product. 

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  • Good video, is very well explained

  • Design does resolve problems BUT with a good IDEAS + STRATEGY + DIRECTION…if you own a company PLEASE start with a nice CONCEPT, BRAINSTORMING with your copywriters, marketers and designers….but please DON’T start with DESIGNERS!!! A global message for clients around the world who believe that a designer is a mere too to execute their ugly ideas.

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  • …wouldnt that be a different clip, i think a clip is in itself is considered a single entity therefore the “rest of this clip” is a contradiction in terms suggestive that there is more to this clip, there is no more to this clip but there is another clip that continues from this clip which is another section of the whole seminar before it was fragmented into single clips considered in there entirety as whole..

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  • But what most users want from most websites is content. Linear text presented on pages like they’re used to in books. Web designers may wish that they wanted non-linear, non-text content, but they don’t (yet). At my victoria web design shop, I always stress the design alongside usablility and content, and always update the site as analytics tells me how the user is using the site.

  • I agree. Vague and unclear.

  • the sound is terrible

  • Great Video, and some of the points being made are points I have been trying to get across to my clients.

  • Good video

  • Wow, this guy talks a lot but doesn’t really say anything.

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  • I really appreciate such a video.Great lessons to learn about web designing

  • The design is what is does…that’s as revolutionary as the Medium is the Message…

  • Haha FACEbook is just a COOL, boring, nice, and BORING layout, but nice apps.. hehe bottom line? FACEBOOK, you need to hear this.. start having CSS customation… haha

  • Great info-tech-mation, we really need to see this and get involved in the real, focus… Great One Sir.

  • exactly: design needs to be in on the process from the beginning. it’s not an add-on, it’s not final touches, its not gloss. it’s not just how the paint adheres, it’s how even the frame connects to the body.

  • Fantastic - would love to see more on this!!

  • Great Info!

  • so facebook was listening to this guy, recently, hey?

  • Is there a full version of this anywhere?