Film School: framing techniques

Learning to frame the shot. “The Rule of Thirds” is a basic composition technique used in film, animation, design, painting, photography and visual Almost anything.

Gives you

This video and the introduction of basic framesets

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  • Awesome! Thanks, everything was very clear.Plz continue to serve us in the future and keep up the good work :).

  • Yes, thank you for this very informative & always good to hear the voice of a woman who clearly explains in place of these young adults get dorky opinion that not only the facts


  • Fight Club FTW!

  • Use it or lose it was chessy jajajajaj xD

  • goood video realllllllly

  • What about opening a Clockwork Orange?

  • Thanks for the info, good length, the script very well, but please choose a narrator who can speak English better. Thank you!

  • Great video, cute accent. Thanks for keeping the point 🙂

  • Solid Snake! my mate héroe.gracias this good video

  • Forest Run! .. run!

  • Crawling in inclined angle shots of Fight Club. Good video!

  • Thanks for the great video.

  • If you had a problem understanding it – is probably due to poor knowledge of English.

  • Emm, possibly. Given that I am an American who can clearly articulate, so much that I doubt it. More than a preference for a good storyteller.

  • Gold Point? lol, and all this time I thought it was called The Golden Mean … Well, you are the ‘experts’ … by the way … Film music is the sound … well, low in the intro of yours is dominated or saturate … THX you are not … well you know!

  • The rule of thirds does not mean anything … there are about 90 different types of others you can use

  • I love this arrogant people here who speak of “rule of thirds does not matter” … I had the same silly film school, who thought they knew more about our teachers. Those same people could do the most basic structure, jump cuts throughout the world, the horrific negative space, etc. Of course, always thought his bad notes were “unfair.” No telling when the glass is full, the water only runs on. This video is spot on. It should be natural, but if not, this is a good guide.

  • Let’s put this debate stupid rest. The rule of thirds is a good thing to know, but even this man says you do not need to follow. In relation to music, listening to John Frusciante’s guitar. He often plays outside the lines, defying the notes 16. It’s a different perspective. In By the Way, for example, played all the time. Comparison strange, yes, but it is valid.

  • I’m new to filmmaking and I can see some idiots in here haha

  • Friend of awesome video

  • impressive … but confusion in the form of the rule aplly the third when three or more subjects in the frame? and what with the shaky camera?

  • watching in 2012 .. Despite what some of these other people are saying, thanks, I found this very useful

  • Very useful. Thanks for posting this.

  • thanks