FLASH CS3 TUTORIALS – Beginners Level 1

This course will focus on using flash, this is the first lesson and just shows you how to create text and shapes, stay tuned for more developments all using the same file!!
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Adobe Flash  Animation Banner Tutorials

Creat Your Own Animation Just in 10 minutes ..Make Custom banners in Adobe Flash In this video Tutorials I tried to teach how to make Animation banners easily
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  • Amaizing Tutorial Stay blessed, Please check i design a clip viewing your tutorial…

  • Thanks bro. Would have been great if you had voice over it or text instructions . Thanks again.

  • teşekkürler 🙂

  • Could probably do that in Sony vegas

  • thanks for your video it's really help me

  • Hi friend
    first: my appreciations for your class. you delivered well and you really clear in your teaching.
    second; I'm a student and my doctor asked me to develop a game and I started reading java (eclipse) and I see it not easy, so my point is it easy to start with eclipse (I'm still in the beginning) or shift to flash
    and I want to deliver something fast
    waiting your advise
    thanx a lot


  • Hi Abdullah
    I would stick to flash it is quite a lot to take on jumping straight into Java, the skills you learn using action script are also easily adapted into java anyhow.
    Hope that helps
    Cheers David

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  • não falo inglês mas valeu a ajuda mais um escrito

  • hi i am doing an assignment for school using flash and wondering which tutorial would be best to show me how to make a computer mouse pointer look like its moving and clicking something. your tutorials are a great help since we have not used this before in class and have a short time to complete an animated assignment. thankyou a lot, Eva

  • HI There Eva
    OK you dont actually want the mouse to do that do you, you want something that llos like a mose is that correct and then that element will animate, I am reading between the lines but you want to show a mouse pointer clicking some thing in your animation correct??
    I will do a quick tutorial for you but it will not be till tomorrow ok??
    Cheers David

  • Sorry meant to be looks like a mouse 🙂

  • thanks for sharing really helpfull

  • Good thing!!!
    By the way, What character is that as your user image?
    Look creepy, yet cool
    Thanks!!! n_n

  • Awesome tutoial. Great job just Great.

  • puta madre esta en inglish

  • This is pretty Decent for being fuckin 6 years old.

  • I'm watching in 2017
    anyway, good tutorial

  • lol I thought my left earphone was not working.!