Flash Templates for a More Inventive Quality Web Design

Flash Templates for a More Inventive Quality Web Design

Article by Graham Gallagher

You can make a website using the traditional ‘HTML’ and ‘php’, but for a more different and visual impact use a Flash Template with Flash components. A Flash player is an application to view animations and other moving imagery on the net, under license, and screened in a platform such as a net browser and played via operating systems like Microsoft, Apple Mac and Linux, to name but a few. It is accessible in many languages and can be translated where relevant, providing an awesome application to a global market (except those regions blocked by the US). These applications can be accessed openly, with no charge not only by a Web browser, but also by other electronic equipment like a mobile phone and other consumer electronics. Flash was first created as a idea in 1995 and introduced in 1996, which seems a lifetime ago now and so has been around for some time, though now it is really becoming widespread, giving a innovative quality to such uses as web design.

Flash incorporates both an audio and visual streaming which has developed in the world of advertising, information and web sites. From the simple ‘stick man’ computer graphics to a more complicated interactive map of America, it has a million uses, each innovative.

There are various multimedia categories for Flash, including:

* Flash Files for creating quality text, graphics and animation * Flash Components for capturing input via a pc mouse, keyboard microphone and camera * Flash Templates are a ready to go layout, including flash files and flash components* Flash Maps, where data can be displayed in an interactive way

One way to use this Flash program is to move the mouse over a preset area, as instructed to do, which will alter the image to show another photograph or cartoon within a selection of images, like a slide show. This is mostly useful for advertising in such business sectors as real estate or hotel accommodation and in gaming and movies.

The graphics and sound qualities have developed over the years to generate a top quality result (depending of course, on your hardware). Flash Templates are accessible to custom make a Web page exclusively for your requirements.

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